5 Google Business Profile Hacks to Increase Foot Traffic


As an SEO specialist, you've no doubt implemented various tactics to improve your clients' local SEO ranking, but you have to stop and ask yourself how many of those techniques are actually using their Google Business Profile to convert to actual foot traffic. These five Google profile hacks will help to convert their digital traffic to real-life “walk-in” traffic. The best part about these tactics is that they are relatively simple for the huge payoff they can generate for your customers' bottom line.

Answer Google Q&A With a Quick Response

According to industry experts, as many as forty percent of the Google Q&A inquiries are actual leads. If you’ve not seen the Q&A section of a Google search, this is what it looks like

This is the listing that appears to the left when someone does a Google search for a business. As you can see, there is a section where customers can send a quick question about a business. If it isn't answered quickly, your clients could be losing potential leads. And after someone adds a question, others can go in and “thumbs up” it, which means that they too would like an answer. So it might mean losing multiple potential leads.

By not answering potential clients, businesses give an impression that they aren’t responsive and they are increasing the likelihood that a lead will seek out the competition. Because it is easy to overlook leads that might be sitting in your clients' GBPs in the form of questions, being diligent about responding should become a high priority.

The most convenient way for Google My Business managers and owners to receive notifications of questions is through Google Maps App. Alerts related to questions being posted don’t appear on the dashboard of a GMB yet. But, if you have your clients set Google Maps App to alert them, they won’t ever let a question, or potential walk-in slip away.

Post Your Proximity to Close Popular Attractions

When people go to attractions such as museums, amusement parks, or even malls, they are likely to Google things around where they are visiting to find additional services. If your clients position their Google Post next to popular attractions, they can guide would-be clients directly to their front door.

That can become increasingly important for foot traffic, especially if Google expands the current way it shows Posts’ snippets not just in the Local Finder and also in the Business Profile, but in local packs.

Since posting is super easy, there is no reason not to! If you need some help explaining the process to your clients, try this Google Intro!

Convert GBPs into a Storefront Window Display

With some help from Pointy and SWIS, it is easy to turn your retail customers’ GBPs into a storefront window display. When you do, that can increase foot traffic exponentially. Set up your clients' “See What’s In Store inventory” to appear on their Business Profile and let potential customers know what the business is and exactly what they have to offer.

Pointy is Google’s new partner for the launch of this fantastic feature game-changer. The Pointy device makes it simple for any retailer to make their inventory instantly available to online viewers. And it means no e-commerce system and costs next to nothing but time and effort.

SWIS is the newest big thing to hit local Google listings. Because only one percent of US retailers already use it, you will be well ahead of the game. If you help to get your clients onboard, you will have them out in front of the competition when it comes to actual foot traffic.

Turn Your Profile Pic into a Selfie Hotspot

When possible, turning your client’s physical premise into an exterior eye-catcher will have people stomping down the doors! Consider an exterior mural to attract customers. Or, convert your integral selfie-takers into your new customers. If you create a grabbing exterior attraction, it can appeal to as many as 43 to 58 percent of those surveyed who said that they were more apt to shop at locations that are visually stimulating and attractive.

If an exterior mural isn’t in the cards, there are plenty of other ways to add inspiration to customers. If you can convince your clients to invest in an iconic new presentation for their locale, the artwork they create can cover the image of their GBP. And if it is eye-catching, then they will attract potential customers more readily than their competition that isn’t.

Local businesses who use community life, culture, and art as an integral component of their business models will attract a growing American audience that is looking for a more authentic and humanistic experience. By embracing culture and heritage, through images and decor, you will be a part of capturing a new paradigm of consumers who want more.

Use Time in Your Favor

If you are like most Americans with a hectic schedule, businesses operating from 9 to 5 only, can’t accommodate your needs. Ask your client this question, “How can a business be successful if they are only open while everyone is busy at work?”. Do some research to find out what hours of operation are posted on their direct competitors GBPs.

If you notice that there is a hole where no other shops are closed, that can be a potential opportunity to set your clients apart from others in the area. There are times when your smaller customers are already working the maximum that they can. But it is a sound question to ask them if they are working hours that suit their needs or their customers’. Posing a new idea to the client might be possible. What if instead of working the hours they currently do, they change things up to work more hours when others are closed?

Have your clients evaluate how busy they are during the week and if they pinpoint a time where it is really slow, perhaps they can take those days and times out and substitute them with other hours where competitors aren't open. If you are the only one open during off hours, guess where the customers are going to flock….

As an SEO manager, your job might be to drive digital traffic, but imagine how invaluable you will be if you can convert that additional digital traffic to walk-in. Try these simple five steps to have customers beating down your clients' door today!

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