5 Reasons Your Restaurant Needs Quality food AND SEO


To have a successful restaurant, all you need is quality cuisine and then the masses will come running, right? Unfortunately, that’s not all it takes to have a full house night after night. If you are working overtime to make your restaurant amazing but you aren’t working on your SEO, you aren’t focusing entirely on the right place. Word of mouth will always be king, but the internet is the best way to spread the word like fire. Using a Charleston SEO firm to promote your business is the best way to allocate your marketing energy and budget!

Everyone Uses the Internet

Think about the first step you take when you need to know about something. You head to Google to search for it, right? When people are considering what new restaurant to try or where to go for their vacation, the internet is the first place they look. And statistics say that 90% of all internet users only view the first page. So if they’re looking for a place to eat and you aren’t there, they will most likely choose the competition.

It Can Help to Highlight What You Do Best

If you have the best barbecue in the South or you serve eclectic and unique foods, that is your “brand.” But if people are searching for a specific thing like “best barbecue” and you haven’t maximized your SEO with content related to “best barbecue,” then you aren’t going to get listed on a search. But your competition will, and they will get the business nine times out of ten! If you don’t use your specialty to trigger searches, then you won’t be matched with people who are searching for you!

What Good is a Website If No One Sees It?

If a tree falls in the forest, does it make a sound? That’s like asking, “If people can’t find you, does it matter what your website looks like?” You can design the most spectacular website and have exquisite pictures, spending both time and resources to make it exactly as you want to represent your restaurant, but it is all for naught if no one sees it! If you want people to see your menu, pictures of your atmosphere, and to read all you have to offer, then SEO is key. There is no sense in putting the time into something that won’t ever be seen.

If You Don’t Use SEO They Literally Might Not Find You!

A searcher typically researches restaurants by using a keyword followed with a location. For instance, if you wanted to find the best restaurant for Italian food while visiting Charleston, you would type just that. If you don’t have the content marketing that signals Google where you are located, then people won’t even consider you. By not maximizing your website by using local-specific cues, you aren’t going to come up in a search, and people aren’t going to come to you!

It Is the Best Marketing Money You Can Spend!

Ads are great, but they cost money to run. SEO costs very little, but it makes a continual and significant impact on your exposure! By using content marketing to trigger an organic search, you will get the exposure every time. When you run an ad, it is only seen where you place it and for as long as you run it. Although ads are a good idea too, SEO is a bigger bang for your buck to reel customers in.

You spend so much time making sure you are serving quality food and have amazing service. But that means nothing if no one knows about you. To capture people who are looking for a restaurant to try for the first time or an old favorite, SEO is a must to sell out night after night. We know how to get your restaurant on the internet map. Fudog Media is the best Charleston SEO firm around. Contact us today to discuss how we can drive traffic to your site and have the customers coming to your restaurant in droves!

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