About Us

About the Fu

Established in 2011

Fu Dog Media is a team of creative thinkers, designers, developers, photographers, and search engine gurus strategically located around the world to offer you outstanding service & support.

Our clients include a wide range of small businesses including established companies, professional services, realtors, non-profits, startups, and serial entrepreneurs.

Our passion is to help build businesses. We genuinely care about your success and have a deep desire to help you dominate your field.

Our Fearless Leader

Our Fearless Leader

Meet Ben

I've always loved creating, from drawing as a kid in class to painting and snapping photographs of travel. I've always been visual and had a love for all things artistic.

I've learned a ton of dos and don'ts over the years from my days at Clemson University, to my first sales job, to running marketing for a hospitality group here in Charleston.

I've always had that entrepreneurial spirit. I founded Fu Dog Media in 2011 and over the last 10 years, we've grown into a kick-ass company that works closely with our clients to help them dominate their industry, building the best websites possible. We thrive when there are project deadlines, big dreams and a blank canvas.

Ben's Favorite Things

  • Hobby: Freediving and Diving
  • Place: Bali, Indonesia
  • Team: Clemson Tigers
  • Beer: Blue Moon
  • Food: Sushi and Pizza
  • Indulgence: New Car Smell
  • Island: Turks & Caicos
  • Addicted to: The Gym.
  • Can't live without: My wife, kids and family
  • Song: Hussle and Motivate
  • Book: The Richest Man in Babylon
  • Quote: “Greatness lies just outside your comfort zone." – Me, I think

What Ben's Listening To:

Meet The

Jyles Sosa

Ambassador of Web Domination

Aleece Sophia

Making Things Pretty (Photographer)

Julie Keating

Writer of Awesome Content

Our Headquarters

Charleston, SC

We're not in a huge city, but we are in one of the most desirable places to live and work in the world. The hospitality is unrivaled and the salt air smells like home. Fondly known as the Holy City where the skyline is dotted with beautiful church steeples and everyone's favorite activity involves the water. Our city is best known for history, a world renowned foodie scene and beaches that people can't get enough of.


We’re just as excited about growing your business as you are.