Google Posts Aren’t Just About SEO, They Must Include VEO!

Google Posts Aren't Just About SEO, They Must Include VEO – Are you Making That Happen?

Google Posts has been around for over three years, and, honestly, up until recently, it hasn’t really made an impact.

But just like everything else Google touches, it is now slated to be one of the biggest and most significant components for your VEO, SEO, and content campaign!

Just What are Google Posts?

A Google Post is a short blip, usually anywhere from one to three hundred words, typically accompanied by an image or video that businesses can use to promote themselves online.

They are an excellent FREE tool to highlight events, promotions, and sales. After posting them, you don’t have to worry about managing or updating them, they expire after seven days! That forces the business owner to post relevant and fresh copy on a continual basis so your profile doesn’t go silent.

Internet users can see your Google Posts directly on your Google My Business listing. You can also scroll to the right or left to see up to ten posts or go to the tab marked “posts" within your GMB listing to get a glimpse of them all at once.

All located in one place, there is also a section to add the much-necessary CTA. And now you can also add insights along with each post. The new forum of Google Posts is an entirely new marketing and advertising venue to showcase your business’s products and services.

Does Engaging in Google Posts Help Your SEO?

Yes, using the full power of Google Posts is an excellent way to enhance your SEO strategy! Using the forum will help to increase your organic presence, which will lead to more clicks. And since Google Posts comes with the highly-critical CTA button, it encourages the viewer to take immediate action. And it also gives them the means to do so.

Google Posts enhance your overall SEO campaign by:

  • Encouraging organic users to click the CTA button, which in turns increases your page rankings
  • Driving traffic to other contact forms that are located on your site will increase the likelihood that viewers will follow through to reach you
  • If you link to collect data on internet users you can then use it to drive traffic over the long-term to tools on your website like your blog and other content

When you update your website with relatable and informational content, you encourage repeat visitors. And every time that someone revisits your site, it drives your page rankings higher. Google has many “Behavioral Signals” that they use when ranking your page. When you encourage an increase in your click-through rate by getting viewers to flow from your Google my Business Listing immediately to your site, that is a behavioral signal that is viewed favorably by Google. And it pushes you higher up in the rankings.

What About Voice Engine Optimization, Does Google Posts Help There?

Forecasts maintain that as many as 50% of all searches by the year 2020 will be done via VEO. So if you want to use all the tools at your disposal through GMB, it is important to keep VEO in mind.

When people use a device to search through voice recognition, it is three times more likely that it will be their mobile device. And once you use voice recognition, you are allowed to choose from three different options that appear.

If you choose to maximize your GMB with images on your listing, you are more likely to have people choose you over your competitors who do not.

Google comprises nearly 27% of smart speaker usage, which is pretty amazing considering they only had less than 8% just last year.

Also, Google Assistant currently holds the highest percentage of answered questions that are correct, according to a 2018 Stone Temple study. Since Google continues to outperform its competitors and continues to increase its market share, it will likely be the most important voice assistant tool you will need to target.

That is why keeping it in mind when building your GMB profile is so critical to your overall internet presence!

Get Ahead of the Competition now

Right now Google Assistants can provide a business’s information according to your Knowledge Graph: address, business hours and phone numbers. But with Google’s new “Speakable” avenue, in BETA, there is a high likelihood that you will see Google being able to provide the information straight from the posts. So now is the time to get ahead of the game and take advantage before your competitors catch on.

To ensure that you are getting the maximum out of your SEO campaign you have to continually include both relevant and fresh content. By using Google Posts, you can showcase your GMB listing to provide location-specific content triggers that target the right niche market. But before you start to post to your GMB listing, it is essential to claim, optimize, and clean it up! To discuss how we can help get your GMB up and running with the most success possible, contact Fu Dog Media today

Digital Marketing Myths…Don’t Always Believe What you Hear!

Digital Marketing Company Charleston SC

Digital Marketing Mythbusters…Don’t Always Believe What you Hear! Myths debunked here!

There is a reason why the show “Mythbusters” was so popular when it debuted.

We all have those things that we accept as fact, but they are based on no such thing. No, your blood is not blue until it hits oxygen and turns red.

Yes, it is totally okay if you wake someone while they are sleepwalking. And, no, there is no such thing as the five second rule. In fact, the amount of bacteria that is transferred to a piece of food when it hits the floor is the same no matter how long you let it sit there.

So, you think that you know all there is to know about digital marketing. Or, you believe that what you do know is actually fact, and that you are doing things to foster your business, not hurt it. But, do you know for sure? We are here to debunk the most common seven myths that most people believe about digital marketing practices and how they work.

Marketing Myth One: More Traffic to Your Website Translates Into Increased Revenue

All you have to do to increase your bottom line is drive more people to your website and kaboom…your profits will soar!

The reality is that yes, you want to drive people to your website, but not all traffic is the same. The only kind of website traffic that will translate into profits are the ones that can convert leads to sales.

Traffic is not just the number of IP addresses that make it to your page. Traffic is the audience that makes it to their intended target because behind those IP addresses are people who have the motivation, desire, problems and need for solutions.

What you have to do to make that traffic viable is to communicate to those people who do make it to your website that you have something valuable for them to invest in. You have to give them cause to take action and use your product or service, not just make it visible to them.

So, you can argue that more traffic might increase your bottom line. That part might not be a myth. What is not true is that just getting people to your page is enough to convert them to increasing revenue.

More traffic means more sales, but only if you have the right type of traffic and if you focus on the quality of the traffic flow rather than the quantity, which leads us to the second myth…

Marketing Myth Two: Your Ads Need to be Appealing to a General Audience to Attract as Many People as Possible

In the same respect that more traffic converts to more money, appealing to everyone across the board as being the goal of digital marketing is, likewise, not true. More customers do not always mean more sales.

If you run a campaign and throw out a huge net in hopes of catching everything, what you end up with are a whole lot of things you need to throw back and not a lot of what you were searching for. If you don’t specify your message to your target audience, you might appeal to more people.

But, in the end, you aren’t going to have the right message to get the specific niche that you are trying to capture. It is like fishing in the middle of the sea to get as many fish as you can instead of figuring out where the species of fish that you want to catch live.

So what is the answer?

It’s alright to use a campaign that not everyone is going to get, or an image that isn’t going to catch everyone’s eye. The key is to find out what makes your intended target tick, what gets them to focus attention and use that marketing to attract them.

The goal is not to appeal to everyone on earth. The goal is to appeal to everyone on earth who might be interested in using your product and service. And to do that, you have to find out not only what they are looking for, but what sets them apart from everyone else.

Marketing Myth Three: Email is as Dead as a Doornail

Sure, email might not be the end all be all that it used to be before things like instant messaging and texting came along, but there is no end to it. And the potential that it might present for your business is still valuable!

Although click-rates for email might be lower than other mediums, they tend to generate a lot of sales. In fact, the DMA found that for every one dollar that a company spends using email marketing $38 was generated in revenue. That would indicate that no, email is not dead, not even by a long shot.

Once more, according to Campaign Monitor, using email marketing is more effective than both Twitter or Facebook at generating leads that convert into sales. When you combine that with the fact that everyone, yes, even your grandma uses email, that says a lot!

Email is not on the decline, statistics from Statistica show that the number of emails both sent and received, is somewhere around three hundred billion, not million, literally billion, and that number is increasing every year.

Marketing Myth Four: All You Need to Succeed is an Excellent Ad, Campaign, Landing Page, etc…

A lot of digital marketers will tell you that all you have to do is get one thing right and the revenue will start pouring in. They believe that if they come up with the right ad, slogan, campaign of combination of things, the end result will be an instant success. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if that were only true?

The problem with their philosophy is that it neglects what the facts show, most customers aren’t a one-hit wonder. What I mean by that is it usually takes more than one look or glance to get a customer on the hook. In fact, there is a process that the average consumer goes through before they go from a “first glance” to a “sold.”

When we can explain the complexity of converting a stranger to a sale to our clients, they quickly see that you can’t build your business or your brand on just one hit campaign. There are several steps and processes that you need to go through before you have them hooked.

Instead of focusing on a one-hit wonder campaign, you have to create many different streams and campaigns to generate both engagement and awareness to the consumer. Once you get them to subscribe to one campaign, you shoot them another, and then the target is to get them to convert to sale by campaign three. It isn’t a once and done proposition. And anyone who tells you it isn’t, isn’t doing the groundwork necessary to make you a success.

Marketing Myth Five: Don’t be Creepy by Retargeting

No one wants to be a stalker; that isn’t cool. That is why most marketers stray away from retargeting ads to their consumer. They fear that the general public will get creeped out by being followed around the wide web. But do consumers really feel that way?

According to a study done by Wishpond, retargeting ads are viewed much more positively than negatively. That is why savvy marketers know this little secret and use it! Retargeting is one of the best and most efficient ways of bringing people back to your website. And we all know what that means…don’t we?

  • Website visitors who have been retargeted with a display ad are 70% more likely to convert
  • Over 70% of online shoppers abandon their shopping cart and only 8% of those lost consumers return to complete the purchase
  • Ad retargeting brings over 25% of lost consumers back to finalize their sale

The more they visit, the more likely they are to bite. In the same study done by Wishpond, it was revealed that most digital marketing professionals would insist that retargeting is the best use of marketing there is.

So, no retargeting is not creepy. Not to retarget gives the consumer the impression that you aren’t all that interested in them, and overall, that you aren’t all that interesting.

Instead of focusing on a one-hit wonder campaign, you have to create many different streams and campaigns to generate both engagement and awareness to the consumer. Once you get them to subscribe to one campaign, you shoot them another, and then the target is to get them to convert to sale by campaign three. It isn’t a once and done proposition. And anyone who tells you it isn’t, isn’t doing the groundwork necessary to make you a success.

Marketing Myth Six: Content is King

Just because you find something that catches and sounds official, that doesn’t mean it is. There is a great argument brewing that content needs to take off the crown and take a step back. The reality is that the online content is quickly exceeding the demand for it. But that isn’t really the problem.

For purposes of marketing success, content marketing isn’t just about putting out a good blog. Content marketing is about something called full-funnel, or the concept that content is there only to lead your potential consumers through the process of awareness to evaluation ending in conversion.

If content is done correctly, it educates potential prospects about what they have to know to appreciate the full value of what you produce or service is and why they need it. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to be content. There are many ways to get your point across including lead magnets, a podcast, a webinar, or a video.

So is content king…the answer is definitely yes! But not in just one medium or forum.

The best way to convert potential consumers is through using all the content avenues possible to get them to realize the value of what you are offering so that they “gotta have it”!

So, sorry…. That is one myth that can not be debunked, brought up to date yes, but wrong, no!

Marketing Myth Seven: SEO is all in the Keywords

Early in the dark ages SEO was pretty simple. You found a keyword, you used it, your audience found you. And once you found that keyword, you went about stuffing the heck out of your pages to signal search engines “come find me.” Then, there was a point where you don't want to appear to be stuffing so you used hidden text (BTW, huge no-no).

The problem is that many SEO professionals still treat keywords like they are the magic key that will open any door. Don’t misunderstand, keywords are important! But if you want to beat the SEO machine, you have to consider more than finding the right word to punch in and wallah!

You have to consider not just the keyword but the intent that people have when they do a search to really understand a word’s importance and then make sure that you write content that is targeted toward the intent.

Google is Google because Google knows what Google is doing…am I right? Their entire success relies on people having a good experience using their search engine. So if someone does a search and they don’t get what they want, that isn’t going to make them happy or leave a good impression.

If you can make content based around exactly what the intention of the viewer is looking for, then they will stay put on your site. And when they do, Google counts it as a very low “bounce rate,” which means how long someone stays on your page because you had the information they needed instead of bouncing to another page. The lower your bounce rate, the higher your ranking.

So keywords are enough to get them there, but to keep them there you have to provide what a consumer is researching or looking for. So, keywords are still necessary but only to the extent that they point you in the right direction as well as the internet browser.

So, what do all of these myths have in common?

Although the myths we presented were in fact mythical, that doesn’t mean that they weren’t based on some truth. It pays to understand what the myth is to alter what works and what doesn’t. For instance, yes, people are okay with retargeting so that is a myth.

But, no, they do not want to be inundated hundreds of times a day…that IS stalking. More traffic does not necessarily convert directly to more sales. But if you have more traffic and give the necessary tools to those who need it, you have a higher likelihood that you will convert.

If there is one thing that is true about digital marketing, it is ever changing. So, what works today might not work tomorrow. That is why it is important to understand the process, not just the cliff notes.

At Fu Dog Media we take great pains to stay ahead of the game, to recognize what is truth inside of the myth and to always stay ahead of the game to keep you ahead of your competition. Contact us today to discuss how we can convert your SEO into successful sales.

This Week’s #Fudogarmy Client Spotlight: Rent Dump Trailers

This Week's #Fudogarmy Client Spotlight: Rent Dump Trailers

To give a shout out to those who make Fu Dog Media as amazing as it is, our clients, each month we are going to highlight one of the fantastic businesses that we service. Our client spotlight this week is Rent Dump Trailers. Now, to those of you who think nothing is exciting about dump rentals, this might change your mind.

Family-Owned and Operated

Rent Dump Trailers is a family-owned and operated waste management service that specializes in bulk waste, junk removal, large scale cleanups, and the best part? They are on call for all things hauling and dumping! They aren’t a one-size-fits-all operation; they take into account each situation and job to devise the best and most reasonable option to get the job done. That means no waste for the customer and huge savings for everyone.

They also offer free estimates and in-person consultation for large scale projects, so that everyone knows what the game plan is, what to expect, and how the process goes.

Do Not Hire on Price Alone!

Although rarely considered until you have to hire one, disposal services are not cheap. There are a ton of competitors out there to help with your disposal needs, so how are you to choose? The best way to hire the best rental company is to not go by price alone. The cheapest option is not always the best! Sometimes when you hire the least expensive company to save project costs, it comes back to bite you in the end. Saving pennies by spending dollars to undo mistakes made, or having to clean up after making a poor decision, doesn’t make much cents!

Offering Same Day Junk Removal Services

Rent Dump Trailer does their best to deliver a dumpster or junk removal container the same day or next. They work behind the scenes to save projects gone awry, and deal with emergencies daily. They are the only “on call” trash service in the Charleston area, which means they are there when you need them.

Rent Dump Trailers recently cleaned out an entire home, on the same day they were hired, so that a flooring crew could start their part a week ahead of when they were scheduled to start. A construction project running ahead of schedule, rare….but not when Rent Dump Trailer is involved.

Owner Trey Langston’s favorite persona is Gary V, a Belarusian American Entrepreneur, author, internet personality, and speaker who motivates Langston to strive harder, work longer, and deliver the highest quality service possible.

So if you are a contractor, builder, apartment community, or realtor in the Charleston area with a big clean up coming your way, make sure to reach out to locally owned, Rent Dump Trailers. They won’t ever leave you hanging!

Want to be Found? Optimize Your Google Business Listing

How to Claim Your Google Business Listing

If you aren’t found on page one of a local Google search, there is a good likelihood that no one will find you. That is why Google My Business has become the hottest tactic for SEO. Google My Business is the most critical digital marketing tool there is. But before you try to manage your account, it is important to understand how to claim and verify your company or business on Google.

What are Google Business Listings?

When someone does an organic Google search on either the Google or Google Maps format, Google lists local businesses to match. The results that are displayed contain information about all the relevant companies that the internet viewer is searching for in their area. The searcher can see all pertinent information such as the business name, ratings, address, description, photos, hours of operation, and phone number.

The way that Google generates business listings is based on publicly available information. If you own a company within a specific location, it is possible that you will come up even if you haven’t added any details to your business listing.

Steps to Optimize Google Business Listing

First, you have to go through a very simple step-by-step process to both claim and verify your business listing. Once you complete the first step, you can post photos, business hours, and respond to both customer comments and questions. After you claim your account, you can also add things like events, promotions, and recent updates to your Google business listing. That means that potential or current customers will get information about your business simply by searching on Google or Google Maps.

Why You Should Use Google My Business Listings to Optimize Google Business Listing?

When someone needs a service or business, Google is the first place that they turn. Potential customers can see information on Google about your company without ever having to go to your website. But if they do want to find out more, there is an automatic link. Google Maps is currently the most favored way that smartphone users find what they need. In fact, it is used by as many as 70% of those who use smartphones. That is nearly six times more than Waze, which is the second most popular mobile search.

Making your Business Listing complete and alluring is critical to your digital marketing. If you aren’t maximizing your profile, then you aren’t showing things like photos and descriptions that can attract potential customers. Things like not having your business hours listed might give the impression that you aren’t open for business.

What can I Include in a Google My Business Listing?

Google My Business listings include things like your address, hours of operation, and a brief description of your business or service. It can also include details that are vital to contacting you like your address, a link to your website, and a phone number.

When people search using Google Maps on their smartphone or mobile device, they can click on the listing, and it will guide them to get directions or to contact you via your phone number. And smartphone users can also send text messages to your business if you have activated the messaging function.

When you manage your Google My Business listing, you can also use it to promote your business activities, promotions, or special events. Therefore, it is like free digital marketing. You can also add things like photos, answer questions, and respond to reviews. Once more, the listing you create will appear across different mediums like voice searches, mobile devices, and desktop computer searches.

Why Should I Verify my Google Business Listing?

Google My Business is one of the best ways to increase your local SEO, and it is all free. Your Google business listing is the first impression that people searching for your company or business via Google will encounter. So make it attractive, update it, and ensure its accuracy to make a good and lasting one.

Adding things like photos, your phone number, and your hours of operation can make a significant impact on the number of people who view your business and reach out to contact you. Once you have gone through the verification process, you can interact with potential customers by:

  • Editing days and times of operation
  • Verifying your phone number
  • Verifying your website link
  • Adding photos
  • Responding to customer reviews
  • Posting promotions and special events
  • Answering questions
  • Alerting customers of your offers, posts, or promotions
  • Receiving text messages from customers or prospective customers
  • Viewing analytics for desktop and mobile internet searches

Many businesses report a significant impact on their SEO when they update their Google My Business Listing, which means that they are being found through more Google searches.

How do I Verify and Claim my Google My Business Listing?

Log into your account via the Google’s Business Manager

If you have more than one Google account, make sure that you use the one that is associated with your business login. The Google account that you choose to go through the verification process will become the manager and owner of your Google business listing. The verification process will go much more smoothly if you log into a Google account that is already associated with your business, and if you use the email address that belongs to your business’s domain.

Enter Your Company Name and Select Your Location

If you have more than one location, you will need to both claim and verify each separately. Start with one and then continue to repeat the process until all listings are claimed. If there is no business already listed, Google does not have a listing for your company. If that is the case, you will need to follow a different set of steps to create a new business listing.

Confirm the Details of Your Business

Google will prompt you to confirm the details of your business such as the name, address, website, and phone number. You will then be asked to select a business category. If you aren’t sure what business category to choose, just pick one that fits best. Or, if your business fits into more than one category, you can choose others.

Begin the Verification Process

Google requires listing managers to verify that they are authorized to manage and edit business listings. Once you have gone through the steps to verify, you can update and manage your business listing. The most common way to verify your authorization is via Postal Mail.

A Google postcard will come containing a verification code according to your address. It may take up to five or more days for your postcard to arrive. But, for some businesses, there might be quicker verification methods including a phone call, an email, or even an instant verification code.

Check Your Postal MailBox

You will receive a postcard sent to your business address within 5-7 business days that will contain the code to begin verifying your Google My Business listing. The code will be inside of the postcard, and it will contain five digits.

Log Into Your Google Account and Complete Verification

Once you’ve obtained the five digit code, log back in your Google’s Business Manager account. Enter the five digits, and you are then verified. And you can update and add things to optimize your Google My Business listing. But, there are times when verification can take a little longer. If your listing needs to be reviewed, it can take up to three days for your updates to publish.

Google My Business is one of the best digital marketing tools that you can use for your local SEO. The best part is that it is entirely free once you verify and confirm your business. Follow these steps and start to create a portfolio to attract potential customers and to keep established ones in the loop! For more tips and tricks to enhance your local SEO contact FuDog Media today!

5 Google Business Profile Hacks to Increase Foot Traffic

5 Google Business Profile Hacks to Increase Foot Traffic

As an SEO specialist, you’ve no doubt implemented various tactics to improve your clients’ local SEO ranking, but you have to stop and ask yourself how many of those techniques are actually using their Google Business Profile to convert to actual foot traffic. These five Google profile hacks will help to convert their digital traffic to real-life “walk-in” traffic. The best part about these tactics is that they are relatively simple for the huge payoff they can generate for your customers’ bottom line.

Answer Google Q&A With a Quick Response

According to industry experts, as many as forty percent of the Google Q&A inquiries are actual leads. If you’ve not seen the Q&A section of a Google search, this is what it looks like

This is the listing that appears to the left when someone does a Google search for a business. As you can see, there is a section where customers can send a quick question about a business. If it isn’t answered quickly, your clients could be losing potential leads. And after someone adds a question, others can go in and “thumbs up” it, which means that they too would like an answer. So it might mean losing multiple potential leads.

By not answering potential clients, businesses give an impression that they aren’t responsive and they are increasing the likelihood that a lead will seek out the competition. Because it is easy to overlook leads that might be sitting in your clients’ GBPs in the form of questions, being diligent about responding should become a high priority.

The most convenient way for Google My Business managers and owners to receive notifications of questions is through Google Maps App. Alerts related to questions being posted don’t appear on the dashboard of a GMB yet. But, if you have your clients set Google Maps App to alert them, they won’t ever let a question, or potential walk-in slip away.

Post Your Proximity to Close Popular Attractions

When people go to attractions such as museums, amusement parks, or even malls, they are likely to Google things around where they are visiting to find additional services. If your clients position their Google Post next to popular attractions, they can guide would-be clients directly to their front door.

That can become increasingly important for foot traffic, especially if Google expands the current way it shows Posts’ snippets not just in the Local Finder and also in the Business Profile, but in local packs.

Since posting is super easy, there is no reason not to! If you need some help explaining the process to your clients, try this Google Intro!

Convert GBPs into a Storefront Window Display

With some help from Pointy and SWIS, it is easy to turn your retail customers’ GBPs into a storefront window display. When you do, that can increase foot traffic exponentially. Set up your clients’ “See What’s In Store inventory” to appear on their Business Profile and let potential customers know what the business is and exactly what they have to offer.

Pointy is Google’s new partner for the launch of this fantastic feature game-changer. The Pointy device makes it simple for any retailer to make their inventory instantly available to online viewers. And it means no e-commerce system and costs next to nothing but time and effort.

SWIS is the newest big thing to hit local Google listings. Because only one percent of US retailers already use it, you will be well ahead of the game. If you help to get your clients onboard, you will have them out in front of the competition when it comes to actual foot traffic.

Turn Your Profile Pic into a Selfie Hotspot

When possible, turning your client’s physical premise into an exterior eye-catcher will have people stomping down the doors! Consider an exterior mural to attract customers. Or, convert your integral selfie-takers into your new customers. If you create a grabbing exterior attraction, it can appeal to as many as 43 to 58 percent of those surveyed who said that they were more apt to shop at locations that are visually stimulating and attractive.

If an exterior mural isn’t in the cards, there are plenty of other ways to add inspiration to customers. If you can convince your clients to invest in an iconic new presentation for their locale, the artwork they create can cover the image of their GBP. And if it is eye-catching, then they will attract potential customers more readily than their competition that isn’t.

Local businesses who use community life, culture, and art as an integral component of their business models will attract a growing American audience that is looking for a more authentic and humanistic experience. By embracing culture and heritage, through images and decor, you will be a part of capturing a new paradigm of consumers who want more.

Use Time in Your Favor

If you are like most Americans with a hectic schedule, businesses operating from 9 to 5 only, can’t accommodate your needs. Ask your client this question, “How can a business be successful if they are only open while everyone is busy at work?”. Do some research to find out what hours of operation are posted on their direct competitors GBPs.

If you notice that there is a hole where no other shops are closed, that can be a potential opportunity to set your clients apart from others in the area. There are times when your smaller customers are already working the maximum that they can. But it is a sound question to ask them if they are working hours that suit their needs or their customers’. Posing a new idea to the client might be possible. What if instead of working the hours they currently do, they change things up to work more hours when others are closed?

Have your clients evaluate how busy they are during the week and if they pinpoint a time where it is really slow, perhaps they can take those days and times out and substitute them with other hours where competitors aren’t open. If you are the only one open during off hours, guess where the customers are going to flock….

As an SEO manager, your job might be to drive digital traffic, but imagine how invaluable you will be if you can convert that additional digital traffic to walk-in. Try these simple five steps to have customers beating down your clients’ door today!

5 Reasons Your Restaurant Needs Quality food AND SEO

5 Reasons Your Restaurant Needs SEO

To have a successful restaurant, all you need is quality cuisine and then the masses will come running, right? Unfortunately, that’s not all it takes to have a full house night after night. If you are working overtime to make your restaurant amazing but you aren’t working on your SEO, you aren’t focusing entirely on the right place. Word of mouth will always be king, but the internet is the best way to spread the word like fire. Using a Charleston SEO firm to promote your business is the best way to allocate your marketing energy and budget!

Everyone Uses the Internet

Think about the first step you take when you need to know about something. You head to Google to search for it, right? When people are considering what new restaurant to try or where to go for their vacation, the internet is the first place they look. And statistics say that 90% of all internet users only view the first page. So if they’re looking for a place to eat and you aren’t there, they will most likely choose the competition.

It Can Help to Highlight What You Do Best

If you have the best barbecue in the South or you serve eclectic and unique foods, that is your “brand.” But if people are searching for a specific thing like “best barbecue” and you haven’t maximized your SEO with content related to “best barbecue,” then you aren’t going to get listed on a search. But your competition will, and they will get the business nine times out of ten! If you don’t use your specialty to trigger searches, then you won’t be matched with people who are searching for you!

What Good is a Website If No One Sees It?

If a tree falls in the forest, does it make a sound? That’s like asking, “If people can’t find you, does it matter what your website looks like?” You can design the most spectacular website and have exquisite pictures, spending both time and resources to make it exactly as you want to represent your restaurant, but it is all for naught if no one sees it! If you want people to see your menu, pictures of your atmosphere, and to read all you have to offer, then SEO is key. There is no sense in putting the time into something that won’t ever be seen.

If You Don’t Use SEO They Literally Might Not Find You!

A searcher typically researches restaurants by using a keyword followed with a location. For instance, if you wanted to find the best restaurant for Italian food while visiting Charleston, you would type just that. If you don’t have the content marketing that signals Google where you are located, then people won’t even consider you. By not maximizing your website by using local-specific cues, you aren’t going to come up in a search, and people aren’t going to come to you!

It Is the Best Marketing Money You Can Spend!

Ads are great, but they cost money to run. SEO costs very little, but it makes a continual and significant impact on your exposure! By using content marketing to trigger an organic search, you will get the exposure every time. When you run an ad, it is only seen where you place it and for as long as you run it. Although ads are a good idea too, SEO is a bigger bang for your buck to reel customers in.

You spend so much time making sure you are serving quality food and have amazing service. But that means nothing if no one knows about you. To capture people who are looking for a restaurant to try for the first time or an old favorite, SEO is a must to sell out night after night. We know how to get your restaurant on the internet map. Fudog Media is the best Charleston SEO firm around. Contact us today to discuss how we can drive traffic to your site and have the customers coming to your restaurant in droves!

Reasons Your Website Design is so Critical for Your Business

Reasons Your Website Design is so Critical for Your Business

Gone are the days of the yellow pages, and in its place is the internet. 98% of those surveyed said that they use their mobile device to find what they need. And of those, almost all turn to Google to find local services and businesses to contact. If your website is outdated, lackluster, or it doesn’t contain the most effective SEO tools, you are missing out on significant opportunities to drive people not only to it but ultimately, to your business. These statistics prove a powerful point; investing in your website design is one of the best investments you can make to enhance your bottom line!

Web Design Facts for 2019

People Just Don’t Have the Attention Span Anymore – Website Design and First Impression

Instant gratification is what everyone is looking for whether they admit to it or not. If your website isn’t capturing their imagination, there is a good chance that it won’t capture their business. According to statistics:

Mobile Web Design Facts

Since more people are now using their smartphone to research on the internet than ever before, mobile-friendly designs are much more important. Consumers, on average, check their mobile device at least 150 times a day. So if you want to attract them, you have to target them where they live…their mobile devices!

Slightly less than half of all B2B products are researched for using mobile devices

Currently, as many as 91% of all small businesses don’t have a mobile-friendly design, despite the growing demand for it

If a person searches a company and lands on a non-mobile friendly website, they will go back and search for another one

Digital Marketing Website Design Facts

If you are going to spend the money to upgrade to a mobile-friendly design, it doesn’t make much sense if people can’t find you. That is why you need the additional help of a digital marketing campaign to get your newly updated website seen and used.

E-Commerce Facts

The brick and mortar retail shopping experience is nearly a thing of the past. And in its place, is e-commerce. E-commerce allows internet users to shop for what they want when they want. And users can also comparison shop to find the best price. But just like a storefront’s appearance had a significant bearing on how well it impressed consumers and swayed their purchasing decisions, your website is your new storefront and just as important. What does your digital storefront look like?

So What is Your Website Design Doing for you?

Your website is your first, and sometimes your last, way to make an impression with a potential consumer. If you enhance loading speed and make it more attractive, you can significantly increase your bottom line. But only if you use the best SEO tactics to drive people to see your wonderfully designed site. At Fudog Media we understand how important website design is, and also how critical it is to make sure that internet users see your smart website investment. Contact us today to discuss how we can get you on the map and get those contacts driven to buy!

Why a Professional Web Design is Better Than DIY Templates

diy website versus custom website design

Why a Professional Customized Website Design is Better Than DIY Template Options

A website has become the first impression that many businesses have to reach out to potential clients. Therefore, it has become as important to your company’s success as a storefront entry would be. You only get one shot to impress potential clients to make them want to reach out to you. If you blow it with an outdated website, the chances are that internet users won’t make the leap to contact you. So, although you probably can create your own website using a template, that doesn’t mean that you should. These are all reasons that custom website design is an excellent long-term investment.

DIY Builders Are Not User-Friendly

Most people use their smartphones to find the services and products that they want. But most DIY template website designs are not very responsive, have slow loading speed, and simply don’t contain the many options to make it easy to connect. If your website doesn’t lead the way, potential clients won’t take the time to hunt down your information. A custom website design is entirely user-friendly, and it makes it easy for potential customers to find and contact you without wasting their precious time.


You want to set yourself apart from the competition and wow potential clients before they even pick up a phone to reach out. But if you have a one-size-fits-all website template, your website will look like everyone else’s. You want your website to stand out from the rest. To show people that you have a unique culture and to build an exciting brand, invest in a website that isn’t commonplace. There is nothing impressive about a cookie cutter design; it just gives internet viewers the impression that you aren’t anything special—and you ARE special.

Outdated SEO and Code

The way that internet users find you is through using keywords and key phrases. If you have a website that isn’t updated with the latest SEO practices, then you are tanking your ranking. And if you are, then it really doesn’t matter who creates your site, because the chances are no one will ever see it. If you aren’t found on page one, 98% of internet viewers will never see you at all. So, doing it yourself is a waste of time and energy.

The cost of having a custom website design is worth the peace of mind it provides. Sometimes there are things we can do in life, but we simply shouldn’t. When it comes to your website, you want to leave a good impression right off the bat, so you don’t risk losing a potential client due to a poor first impression. Although a custom website is an investment, it is one that is well worth it!

At Fu Dog Media we can customize your website to enhance your brand and company culture. And we work within your budget to get you everything you need to make a lasting impression so that viewers reach out and contact you. We help you attract users who will become your clients. After all, that is the number one objective of your website! Contact us today to discuss how we can help!

Local Charleston SEO— And How You Can Dominate Google!

local charleston seo company

Competition is fierce—Local Charleston SEO is the Answer.

Anyone who owns and operates a business in Charleston understands that there is fierce commerce competition. If you want to be out ahead of your competitors, then ranking high on a Google search is key and local Charleston SEO is the answer. Statistics say that as many as 90-97% of all internet users don’t ever go to page two of an internet search. Therefore, if you aren’t found on page one, it is likely you won’t be found at all. Hiring a local Charleston SEO professional is the best way to drive traffic to your website, and ultimately, to your establishment!

Targeting Specific Keywords and Keyphrases with Local SEO

The way that search engines work is they take keywords and keyphrases that internet viewers use in their search and match them to the most likely suitable website. If you have the right ones in your content, then your target audience can find you. If you don’t, then they probably won’t. A local Charleston SEO expert can help you to identify what phrases and words you need to help Google match internet searchers find you so that you pop up first.

Create Great Content

Google is constantly and continually sorting, classifying, and reclassifying websites. So the best way to get your webpage ranked highly is by continually using the right content to trigger Google. Since you can’t change the static information on your webpage, a blog is a necessary tool to drive traffic to your website. But the content on your blog has to be top notch. Sure, you can write your own blog, but just because you can doesn’t mean you should. A local Charleston SEO professional understands how to use content in a blog to help get your website ranked higher so that your audience can find you. View our blogging packages here.

local charleston SEO google my business

Google My Business

If you aren’t fully using tools like Google my Business to drive people to your website and to you, then you are missing out on a huge opportunity to show up in an internet search ahead of others. Local Charleston SEO experts know how to use all the latest tips and tricks in the industry to get your website looked at and ranked highly. Google works very hard to stay ahead of the game and maintain its relevance. And if you aren’t keeping up with Google, you can’t keep your ranking up. That is the main job of an SEO expert, to know what you don’t and to be one step ahead of Google and your competition. Having great reviews on your Google My Business Page will help you get seen too. (Just check out ours for proof!)

Hiring an SEO Professional

Not all SEO professionals are the same. When hiring one, make sure that they have a proven track record of getting their clients to page one and keeping them there. A true professional should not only be able to tell you how they are going to get you ranked higher, they should be able to prove that they can. After all, the proof will be in where you rank and how much traffic they can drive your way, which should translate into your bottom line.

If you aren’t coming up on page one of an internet search, you aren’t being seen.

And if you don’t how to change that, a local Charleston SEO expert does. Their job is to use all the internet tools available to drive traffic not just to your website but to your front door. Fu Dog is a proven expert in the SEO industry, and we know how to get you ahead of your competitors and how to keep you there. Contact us today to discuss where your website ranks now and where you would like it to be in the future. Get a free SEO audit and get started!

Fu Dog Media Named 2019 UpCity Excellence Award Winner

Fu Dog Media Named 2019 UpCity Excellence Award Winner

In the First Annual UpCity Excellence Awards, Fu Dog Media Named Among Top 1% of Marketing Service Providers

Charleston, SCFu Dog Media announced today that it has been named a 2019 UpCity Excellence Award Winner in the first annual UpCity Excellence Awards. UpCity is an online marketplace for businesses to identify the best marketing service providers for their needs.

UpCity launched the Excellence Awards in early 2019, celebrating the top 1% of marketing service providers as measured by their UpCity Rating – an algorithm that utilizes signals and indicators (like number and quality of reviews, website performance and domain authority) to gauge a service provider’s recommendability – and, ultimately, help businesses find the best fit for their needs.

Fu Dog Media provides digital marketing services to small businesses and startups across the U.S. and Caribbean including web design and development, search engine optimization, social media marketing, graphic design and branding. Fu Dog Media is poised to expand in 2019 offering up their unique brand of creativity, exemplary design and outside the box thinking.

Ben Capa, President of Fu Dog Media, said, “We are excited to be recognized by Upcity as a top digital marketing provider. Fu Dog Media started with a simple mission to help small businesses grow through our commitment to outstanding design. That evolved into what we do today — To be an integral partner in our client’s success through all things digital, showcasing their business services through a beautiful and effective web presence with consistent, impactful branding and marketing. Our greatest passion is watching our clients grow and succeed at what they love to do.”

About UpCity:

Now in its seventh year, UpCity is an online marketplace for businesses to identify the best marketing service providers for their needs. UpCity’s Marketplace launched in 2015, and has since expanded to include over 33,000 marketing service providers in over 600 cities across the United States and Canada. There are 225,000 businesses seeking marketing service providers that visit UpCity on average each month. UpCity’s mission is to create and empower successful relationships between businesses and marketing service providers.

Fu Dog Media has now been recognized as a leading digital marketing. logo design and SEO company by Upcity, Clutch and

6 Reasons You Need Content Marketing for Your Small Business

Why aren’t you utilizing content marketing?

Content marketing is a strategy where companies create and distribute valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract a targeted audience — This content eventually leads to a profitable customer action.

Below are six major reasons why you need to utilize one of the leading marketing companies in Charleston, SC for your content marketing.

1. You Spent the Money Designing a Beautiful Website – Don’t Waste it!

You spent a whole lot of money designing a beautiful website. Your investment will be for naught if no one ever views it. Make sure that people see how fantastic your webpage is by using content marketing to guarantee that it is seen. Blogging on your site is one form of content marketing.

If you own an HVAC company, you can post an article on “Tips to improve your heating and cooling efficiency & save money!” And what homeowner wouldn’t want to save money? The consumer finds what your company posts useful and by consistently giving them relevant content, eventually they become a customer.

2. SEO and Content Marketing Go Hand in Hand

98% of internet users will not go to page two of an internet search. That means if you aren’t found on page one, you probably won’t be found at all. SEO increases your search engine rankings and traffic. Content marketing when combined with SEO helps drive even more traffic to your site through posting relevant information through various digital outlets. Content marketing drives traffic, improves search rankings, and improves your overall web presence.

3. It Gives Value To Potential Customers, So They Keep Coming Back

Customers like to feel like they get something for nothing. Content marketing is a way to give useful information to your viewers, which leaves a good impression of your organization. It also makes it more likely they will come back again and again! When people do find the tips and information they need, they will consider your site a source. Each time that they return for more information is regarded as a “repeat” visit. Repeat visits will rank your website higher than a first-time visit. Content marketing works in many ways to get you to page one. When you use content marketing to engage them and keep them on your page for longer, that reduces your bounce rate. The lower your bounce rate is, the higher your page will rank with Google. Great content engages visitors!

4. Word of Mouth and Sharing

When someone finds content marketing full of value, they are likely to pass along the information and to share it on social media sites. Social media marketing can be as highly effective as search engine optimization. Good content marketing works on both fronts!

5. It Presents Your Organization As An Authority

If you want to be seen as a leader in your particular industry, establishing yourself as an authority is always a good idea. By giving sound advice, tips, and information through content marketing, you are creating a good impression with your audience and carving out a niche in the market through reliability and trust. Consistently posting relevant and useful content makes your company an expert in the eyes of the consumers viewing your content!

6. It’s a Fairly Inexpensive Way to Gain a Whole Lot of Traction

Marketing is not inexpensive, as you probably already know. Content marketing is one of the most effective and least expensive ways to gain internet exposure. When you compare it to other marketing methods, you get a whole lot more bang for your buck.

If you aren’t using content marketing to further your exposure on the internet, you are doing yourself a big disservice.

There are so many ways that it helps to get your website front and center, there is no reason not to use it! If you’ve been searching for the best marketing companies in Charleston SC, contact Fu Dog Media today to discuss how we can drive more traffic and generate more leads using content marketing today!

Getting to the top of Google with South Carolina SEO

South Carolina SEO
Generate Leads and Grow Your Business

You may be wondering what the secret is to getting to the top of South Carolina SEO. Or if you live outside of the Palmetto State, how you can get to the top of search engines.

No matter where you are, the process is the same. To get great SEO rankings anywhere, there are a few main things you need to consider. We've laid out the top 5 SEO tactics that you need to tackle below:

south carolina seo company

1. Target the Right Keywords

When you start any SEO campaign it's important that first, you do keyword research. A reputable SEO company near you will probably ask you what your goal is and what keywords or phrases you are after. That data is then taken to do keyword research and figure out which keywords are the best targets.

You'll want to target high volume keywords that people are searching for a lot for your particular business.

2. Create Great Content

Content is still king. Google and other search engines crawl every inch of your site so it's important for your website to have great content. If you really cater to your target customer and think about what they want and what information they are looking for, you will be able to craft engaging content that ranks high.

Creating regular blog posts is a great way to build depth on your website and drive traffic. You can craft your blogs to focus on specific target keywords to continue your quest for ranking high on search engines.

3. Mobile Responsiveness & Speed

Your website design should be mobile responsive—over 60% of users are accessing your website from their phone, so a great mobile experience is paramount to your SEO strategy. Google will actually penalize your rankings for your site not being mobile responsive.

If you haven't updated your website design in a while it may be time to refresh your design to keep up with the latest standards.

4. Boost Your Backlinks

Backlinks are still a huge part of SEO rankings. If you want to rank high, you should have hundreds and even thousands of links on websites that “link back” to your website. Having your company listed on websites with high domain authority (usually big sites with lots of traffic) will give you great backlinks.

Social media profiles, business directory listings (like Yelp, YP, and Tripadvisor), news sites (via press releases) are just a few places you can get great backlinks for your site.

5. Track Your Data

Your website data, rankings and traffic should be tracked during your SEO campaign, so you can make adjustments to your South Carolina SEO strategy as you go. Knowledge is power, and knowing exactly where you are ranked for your target keywords will help you improve your website's visibility over time. For SEO beginners, MOZ has a great beginner's guide to refer to.

Remember that SEO is an investment that takes time. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Same thing with SEO.

Finally, Hire the Right South Carolina SEO Company

SEO is a tremendous undertaking for DIY business owners. In many cases the entire SEO budget can be paid for with a just few jobs. SEO will generate revenue for years to come once you’ve invested the time, money and effort into it.

Call Fu Dog Media today or fill out our contact form to get started on your South Carolina SEO project.

Client Spotlight: Web Design Client:

Client Spotlight: Drop The Mike Productions Expanding Its Reach, Reputation with Multiple 2018 Awards

Awards reflect a high level of excellence in DJ services for weddings and corporate events.

Charleston, SC Nov. 20, 2018. Drop the Mike Productions’ very own DJ Miketech won multiple awards this year. Showing off his prowess in rocking Charleston events and nightclubs. The former on-air personality for WSSX 95.1 and other radio stations won the 2018 Crossover DJ of the Year award as well as the 2018 Wedding Wire Couple’s Choice DJ of the Year Award. He was also nominated for Best Club DJ by Charleston City Paper readers in 2018.

Charleston Wedding DJ Taking the Lowcountry by Storm

DJ Miketech has already finished up DJing 48 Charleston weddings in 2018. This talented DJ has covered events such as the 2018 Taste of North Charleston, the 2018 Cooper River Bridge Run After Party, the 2018 Lowcountry Family EXPO in Charleston, SC and is the Official DJ for the Southeastern Chamber of Commerce.

Miktech is well-known as an open format DJ. He has rocked the dance floor throughout the southeast from Myrtle Beach, Birmingham, Charleston, Savannah all the way to Tampa. Catering his sets to any crowd and his “call and response” style makes him the true definition of a party starter.

For corporate, nightlife or wedding DJ booking inquiries, view his website at

DJ Miketech has been rocking the Lowcountry from nightclubs to bars and restaurants to weddings and corporate events for over a decade. DJ Miketech aims to be The Premier Entertainment Company for Weddings, Corporate and Private Events in Charleston SC.

Focusing on Marketing, Web & Charleston SEO

DJ Miketech hired Fu Dog Media for website design services and for local Charleston SEO and is currently finishing out the year strong with more weddings and events.

What is SEO and why do I need it? Your Questions Answered

What is SEO and Why Do I Need It?

You may know absolutely nothing about SEO or you might know enough to be dangerous. SEO is all about finding the best ways to raise your rank in the search engines for target keywords related to your company's business and services.

The goal is to increase traffic to your site, increasing your overall visibility on the web, and in turn, converting that traffic into customers. However, there is more to SEO than just choosing the right keywords or keyword phrases. SEO changes daily, and Fu Dog Media keeps up with the current trends and Google best practices to get you ranked high on search engines.

View SEO Plans >

How Does Search Engine Optimization Work?  

Search engines like Google have two major functions: crawling your website and building giving search users a ranked list of the websites they've determined are the best results for that particular search. Google is trying to give their users the absolute best information available when you say, “Siri, what's the best pizza near me?”

So SEO in layman's terms is the process of making your website design and content the best it can be and crafting it carefully to get you ranked for all the keywords/phrases that you want to target. We do this by asking ourselves, what does your target customer want?

Does SEO actually work?

Remember those big yellow books of phone numbers? They don't work anymore. No one wants to flip through a phone book. Instead, they ask their phone or type a search on their computer OR ask their social networks. When you go out and about, pay attention to social interaction. It has changed. People always have their phone handy at a restaurant, a bar, and walking down the street. 

So yes, SEO does work when done properly. The average person searches for something 20-30 times per day. You need to be a part of those searches.

What does Fu Dog offer in its monthly SEO plans?

Basically, our goal is to get you ranked on the first page of Google. We use in-depth SEO audit tools to analyze your site, your competitors, your visibility (%) on the web, where your keywords are ranked, reputation, and more. We then take that data and go to work.

We'll craft content for your site, create blogs, press releases, tweak on-site optimization, build backlinks (links on reputable sites back to your site), and more each month.

Those monthly deliverables include:

  1. Content writing
  2. Blog writing
  3. On-site optimization
  4. Off-site optimization
  5. Link Building & Directory Listings
  6. Reputation Monitoring
  7. Ongoing SEO Audits
  8. In-depth Reporting
  9. Google Analytics Data
  10. And Much More.

Keeping Up With SEO

It's a full-time task to keep up with all the new algorithms and rules for SEO. That's why so many businesses turn to professional SEO service companies like Fu Dog Media. We make your marketing easier because we handle all the hard stuff. Call us today at 843.608.8777 or contact us to learn more about our services.

Want to read more about SEO? Moz has a fantastic guide for Beginners. Click here to check that out.

We offer SEO to Charleston, SC and nationwide as well as SEO for the Caribbean!

The power of storytelling & brand identity on the web

Timeless and Universal 🌞🌛 your customizable instant heirlooms 💫 #LHcustom

A post shared by LOGAN HOLLOWELL (@loganhollowelljewelry) on

Storytelling in your social media and website design

One of the trending topics of 2018 is storytelling and how it relates to your brand. One way to create a consistent brand and user experience is to drive engagement through impactful storytelling. When you put out information on the Internet, it is all contributing to your brand's story.

“Savvy design, product, and engineering teams are starting to pick up on what marketing and sales teams have been exploring for a while: storytelling matters,” points out Donna Lichaw, author of The User's Journey: Storymapping Products That People Love.

The products and services you are offering have to mean something to people. It's not just good design or call to action. Companies and marketers have an opportunity to build a story to tell their customers that hopefully they can connect with.

The better the story, the more successful the product and business. One of my favorite brands I have come across (thanks to my wife) is Logan Hollowell Jewelry. My wife is addicted. It seems like every day she is marveling over the story that Logan tells through Social Media. Glistening pieces of jewelry on beautiful, California-tanned hands, subtlety moving back and forth to catch the sun just right in every post.

It's jewelry marketed as “treasure”

Logan Hollowell tells us, “My creations are physical manifestations much deeper than jewelry. My intention is to do more than just make you look sparkly; I want to make you sparkle from the inside out. There’s a diamond inside of us just waiting to be discovered. The idea of my line is to serve as a reminder to you that you are just like a diamond – unbreakable, sparkling, and full of light.

My mission is to create heirlooms with real gold and diamonds that last forever. The idea is to invest in the best possible, because you’re worth it. I encourage women to set the bar high because it sets the stage for how you deserve to be treated. My intention will always be that when you wear the jewelry that you feel empowered and beautiful – that of a goddess.”

Logan handpicks each gemstone based on her intuition and the feeling that she receives from the stone and its beauty. Logan is, ultimately, in the business of healing arts and works with energy to improve lives. Logan dreams of adding piece of universal energy to your collection and, with it, a piece of emotional value.

Social media marketing and website design that is as addictive as it is spellbinding.

So how do you tell your story? How do we make sure that people engage with your brand and connect on a deeper level that will make them a customer who will return again and again? How do you get your customers to “treasure” your products and services?

Fu Dog Media aims to engage your audience with every design and to help you establish a story worth hearing. With every new website design we create, with each social media marketing account we take on, with every piece of graphic design, we are showing people what your brand means and we are telling your story, and that's why it is so important to hire a professional when it comes to your digital marketing. Most of our customers are wearing so many hats, they are starting to tip over. We will take away that burden and help you tell a story worth telling through your digital marketing. Contact us today, and let's start writing your story.

What is Geo Location and how does it Affect Searches

How Geo Location Targeting Affects Google Searches

If you go to a search engine like Google and look for donut shops, there could be literally thousands of shops in the US. So, if you live in Charlotte, NC, you would like to see places that are within driving distance of your home or business. The same is true for someone in Los Angeles because getting something sweet to eat from a Charlotte donut shop is not feasible in Southern California. In fact, your geo location can have a huge impact on those searching for your products or services. Let’s take a closer look at some of the ways that geo location can affect searches.

  • IP Address – Google uses factors like IP address to show searchers the most relevant search results. That’s why when you search for a local business, Google seems to know where you are. They don’t know exactly, but they know the location of your local Internet provider, and this gives them a very good idea of your approximate location.
  • Overriding the IP Address Factor – Google is still very big on search terms so if someone searches for something in a specific location they’ll get businesses in that area. Let’s take the example of the Charlotte donut shop again. Suppose the shop is in Mint Hill, a small town just outside of Charlotte. If you search “donut shop Mint Hill” you will get an exact match because you’re using geo-specific search terms. So, what does this mean? Geo-specific keywords are a good idea.
  • Get Noticed on Google by leveraging SEO, SEM and Geo Location Targeting – Your geo-location is important, and a Google My Business Page can help. In fact, if you have multiple locations, make sure to have a page for each one. Talk to your SEO professionals at Fu Dog Media. We can show you the best ways to get your business noticed locally with location based optimization including SEO, search engine marketing, and social media marketing. Call us today at 1.843.608.8777 for more details.

But I don’t have time for a new website or SEO.

We’ve heard every excuse in the book for not building a professional website design or focusing efforts on Search Engine Optimization.

We have heard it over and over throughout the years from busy entrepreneurs—”I don’t have time to work on my website because {insert excuse here}.” Also, “I don’t need SEO. I have plenty of business.”

Or my favorite, “SEO is expensive.”

You’re right SEO IS expensive. It’s so expensive that it’s costing you, not the price of your package from your SEO company, but it is costing you thousands and thousands of dollars in lost revenue. Every time you do not come up in the search engine results, you are losing money. Think about the amount of searches for services exactly like yours that you have zero chance at. The numbers will blow your mind if you really think about it.

Your money is online. SEO and Web Design help you get there.

We’ve also heard from the same people that their leads are drying up and the phone hasn’t been ringing. Sigh.

If you own a business, you need a website. If you own a business, you need SEO. Even if you are already busy with all the referrals you can handle, you need a website and you need SEO.

But, why do I need a professional website and SEO if I’m already busy?

  • Professionalism – No website? Then you’re already behind the 8 ball. As soon as you get compared online by a customer, you lose to the company who has a pro website.
  • Referrals are not guaranteed  No matter how big you build your referral network, they can dry up and they can slow down. If anything, when referrals are great it is the exact time to attack your online presence because you want to build a sustainable growing business.
  • Dominance – Some people are in business to do just enough to get by. Some people want to be the best and dominate their field. If you’re the latter, then you want to dominate the search engine every time someone types in a keyword related to your business. Think it’s not important and you can wait for your search rankings to organically grow? Over 90% of searchers never go past the first page of Google Results!
  • Quality of Customers – You can serve customer A or customer B. Customer A is cheap, complains and ends up costing you in the long run. Customer B is your perfect customer. Customer B spends money, doesn’t complain, wants results, and is willing to pay for them. With the right online strategy, the right customers come to you. There is a point as a business where you take everything you can get for survival, and there is also a point as a business that you get to define who your customer is. A professional web design and top Google page rankings is a big piece of that puzzle.
  • Selling Your Business – Being at the top of Google with an amazing online presence adds value to your business and down the road, if you do decide to sell, your buyer will be very happy that you have spent the time and money on dominating with your online presence.
  • The money is online – Whose got your money? The people holding cell phones, typing on laptops, and browsing through tablets. They’ve got your money. Are you connecting with them? When they ask, “who is the best company in Charleston for {insert service here}?” are you coming up?

So, should you have SEO and a Professional Website Design?

I could honestly go on for hours, maybe days on all the reasons that you should have a professional website design and search engine optimization. The end results if you are working with the best of the best in web design and SEO are fantastic. Being on the first page of Google can change your entire business. This isn’t a sales pitch for Fu Dog Media. This is just simple truth. If you want to be a dominant force in your industry, you should do the things that will make you dominant.

You’re not too busy. Make the time to be great.

5 Reasons You Should Skip the DIY Website Builders

Your business deserves more than an average DIY Website Builders

Being in this business for a quite some time now, we’ve heard just about everything. One thing that comes up often is potential clients turning down a website proposal in favor of a DIY website builder like Wix, Weebly, or SquareSpace. There’s definitely a market for these and it makes sense for startup companies on a shoestring budget. Most of them are pretty easy to use and they will get you online quickly.

Just like many things in life though, you get what you pay for, or don’t pay for in this case. There are many reasons to avoid DIY website builders, but we’re going to give you our top 5 below.

  • 1. Templates Versus Custom Website Design – “I’m just going to do it myself.” – With all of these DIY builders you choose a template that 100’s or 1000’s before you have picked, you add your logo, some pictures, some text, and voila…new website. So easy right? But, you put a lot of thought into your company before you decided to start it. Is your website sending out the right message? Does it appeal to your target market? Are you saying the right things to convert traffic into leads or sales? Chances are you are missing out on a lot of conversions which means you are missing out on a lot of revenue.
  • 2. SEO and Design is Limited on Website Builders – “I can handle SEO. I’ve Googled it.” – With every DIY website builder, you only have access to so many parts of your site. You can’t get into the core files, you don’t own them, and you can’t move them when you’re ready. What that also means is you can’t properly optimize your site for search engines. At least not the way you can with a custom design on your own hosting account. You are also limited on design options and features. Doing it yourself equals lost rankings and lost revenue.
  • 3. Scalability – “I think I’ve outgrown my site.” – As your company grows, you will have different needs. Can your website scale with your business? Most likely with a website builder, you are going to realize that the answer is no. Which means, wasted time building a website you aren’t going to keep on a platform that you will have to transfer. Anything you have built on the old website builder, you’ll have to recreate with your new web designer. If you have the budget, build your website the right way from the beginning.
  • 4. UX (User Experience) – “Look how pretty my website is.” – Using a website builder, your UX will suffer. Why? Because you’re limited to your template and your likely limited design skills. Can you create graphics and edit photos like a professional? For most people, the answer is no. Google has a certain set of standards it likes to see with the way your copy is organized on a page as well and your rankings are partially determined by your website’s readability. There’s a lot more factors than just a nice looking site. A website has to give users a certain experience and feeling that will turn them into a customer.
  • 5. Time is Money –“I give up. I need a professional!” – As a business owner, our time should be spent on growing the business, selling product, making relationships, etc. Business owners can be bogged down by so many things and wearing so many hats that the business suffers. It is time consuming to build your own website and try to figure out if you are doing things the right way.

Heard Enough? Allow Us to Create Your New Website!

Our team of experts at Fu Dog Media can handle your website makeover on your behalf. We will first identify your current areas of concern and then work directly with you to create a strategic plan to redesign and revamp it accordingly. Give us a call today so we can get started!

How Online Reviews Impact Your Page Ranking

How Reviews Impact Your SEO Rankings

Effective search engine optimizing is more than just choosing good keywords and sitting back and waiting for the money to roll in.

In fact, strategies like customer reviews and reputation management can have a dramatic effect on your search engine rankings. Let’s look at how reviews impact your SEO rankings and how you can benefit from them.

  • The Value of Good Content
    At Fu Dog Media, we help clients create beautiful websites with easy to read and informative content. Your visitors like quality content. People are more likely to stay longer at an attractive and professional looking site. Not only do your visitors want quality content, so does Google. They reward you for presenting quality content and not just a lot of “keyword stuffed” paragraphs.
  • So what does this have to do with reviews and SEO rankings? When you add reviews, you increase your content. And this content is relative to your business. Google wants content that is relative to your products or services. If you give Google what they want, you get rewarded.

  • Visibility
    When you want to find out about a company or product, what do you do? You ask others, read information, and research the matter. In other words, you look for other people’s opinions. How many times have reading positive reviews about something swayed your opinion or made you decide to buy something?
  • Increase your SEO ranking and visibility today. By adding reviews to your site (or to other sources like Yelp), you increase your online visibility, and this almost always increases your SEO rankings. Fu Dog Media is here to help you get your site noticed with reviews and many other strategies.

The HOBA Mobile App expands to Florida – Hop on a boat!

The HOBA Mobile App expands to Florida kicking off at the Riptide Music Festival in Fort Lauderdale

HOBA, the ‘hop on a boat anywhere’ mobile app, has confirmed that it will be participating in this years Riptide Music Festival in Fort Lauderdale, FL taking place this weekend December 2nd and 3rd at the Fort Lauderdale Beach Park.

While HOBA has been busy establishing relationships with boat captains and sea schools in Florida, the event will mark the first time HOBA has had a live presence in the state. Festival goers are invited to come by the HOBA tent to find out all about HOBA and register to win a pair of 6th row tickets and a parking pass to the Miami Heat game on Dec. 23rd valued at $750. Participants must download the HOBA app to enter.

HOBA has experienced massive success in its founding city, Charleston, SC, as the app that allows users to book boats on demand easily from their mobile phone. With over 8,000 downloads in a few short months founder David Yates said, “We’re excited to bring the HOBA app to Florida as our users so far have had a great experience with the app. We’ve fine tuned it so it will be easier to search, connect and book a boat from anywhere. Captains all over Florida are excited to get involved and get people on the water.”

The Riptide Music Festival takes place on the shores of South Florida Featuring Cage The Elephant, Weezer, KC and The Sunshine Band, Boyz II Men, Lou Gramm – Founding Member of Foreigner, Portugal. The Man, Morris Day & The Time with a Tribute to Prince, Andrew McMahon in The Wilderness, Loverboy & more. Over 20 bands on Fort Lauderdale Beach!

Find out more and download the HOBA app for both Apple and Android at

Connect with HOBA on social media or search #hoba


HOBA is a ride-hailing app for boat captains and passengers. Connecting boat owners and travelers, HOBA gives passengers the unique opportunity to charter a boat with friends and family on demand.


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