Edisto River Adventures

#1 on Google

For "Tubing Charleston SC"

#1 on Google

For "Tubing Near Charleston SC"

140+ Reviews

4.8 star rating on Google Reviews

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Website traffic up 40% YOY!

#1 on Google

For "Edisto River Excursions"

“We started out very small. We bought 10 tubes in 2016 and last year we put 9000 tubes in. (There's) been a very big increase year after year. We love being a client with Fu Dog Media. He's real hands-on. He's aggressive. He believes in his products. We didn't understand the push in the beginning but now we get it."

– Earl Johnston, Edisto River Adventures

Web Design and SEO for Tour Companies Works!

When I first met Earl and Julie, they had newly purchased their tubing business and wanted a great presence online. Fast forward 5 years, and Edisto River Adventures has first page rankings on Google, a reputation to die for, and are expanding their business every year. 

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Edisto River Adventures


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Charleston's most exciting boat tour!

The Lowcountry’s Seamless Gutter Experts.

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