Customer Spotlight – White Glove Detailers in Charleston, SC

Fu Dog Media just launched a new website for White Glove Detailers in Charleston, SC, and we are so stoked about this new venture. White Glove Detailers has just opened it’s doors for business and with ozone sanitation as one of their core services, the timing couldn’t be more perfect.

What is ozone sanitation you ask?

It is a process that completely sanitizes offices, hospitals, restaurants, and any other enclosed area, without using harmful chemicals and toxins. With perfect timing, Jeff Bailey and his team of professionals has become one of the few companies in the United States to obtain a certification in ozone sanitation. It is a Godsend for not just businesses everywhere, but the public at large during these unprecedented times of COVID-19.

What is Ozone Sanitation?

The traditional way of sanitizing an area is to manually spray toxins and chemicals onto surfaces. But the old way isn’t good enough anymore. There is a strong possibility of human error at missing all the cracks and crevices—it might clean viruses, bacteria and germs, but it leaves behind toxic residue that isn’t good to ingest or breathe.

Ozone sanitation works by removing all the air from an enclosed space, sanitizing it, and then returning it completely contaminant free. In essence, it sanitizes anything that air touches. White Glove Detailers saw a hole in the market to provide a more efficient and safer way to keep the public healthy; and they are just in time for Charleston businesses opening back up.

Not Just About Sanitation

Don’t be misled by the word “Detailers" in the name. These aren't your run-of-the-mill car detailers. White Glove Detailers was built on an entirely new philosophy of detailing. It isn’t about wiping down dashboards or running your car through a car wash. What they provide is a service that returns your car’s paint and interior to new condition, specializing in high-end cars. And the ceramic coating that they provide isn’t a once and done proposition. It leaves a shield between your car and outdoor elements that lasts for the long-term. The coating they apply makes your car impervious to all the dirt, dust, and debris that it comes into contact with for a lasting effect.

So Much More Than Car Detailing!

Again, the word detailers might be misleading. White Glove Detailers isn’t just about restoring high-end vehicles to their “new” state—they also tackle glass throughout your home or business. And they give it the same wicking surface that makes window cleaning a thing of the past. No more worrying about soap scum or dirty exterior windows. After the coating is applied, your windows remain streak-free without any work on your part.

And if you have solar panels, the whole reason you installed them was energy efficiency. But how efficient can they possibly be with all the contaminants they likely collect? White Glove Detailers not only wipes them with fine detailing; the coating they apply keeps them clean to absorb the most energy possible for the long-term. Applying coating pre-installation to solar panels gives you max protection and efficiency over the long term.

Who Can Benefit From White Glove Detailers Service?

Whether you are a small business, large business, or car lover, the service that White Glove Detailers provides is unparalleled. When it comes to paying attention to the fine details, White Glove Detailers hits the mark. But they offer an invaluable service that you can’t get anywhere else to clean, sanitize, and make new again. Words can’t really describe what they do to restore your windows, solar panels, and car’s appearance – but seeing is believing. Visit their website today and see what their white glove service is all about.

This Week’s #Fudogarmy Client Spotlight: Rent Dump Trailers

To give a shout out to those who make Fu Dog Media as amazing as it is, our clients, each month we are going to highlight one of the fantastic businesses that we service. Our client spotlight this week is Rent Dump Trailers. Now, to those of you who think nothing is exciting about dump rentals, this might change your mind.

Family-Owned and Operated

Rent Dump Trailers is a family-owned and operated waste management service that specializes in bulk waste, junk removal, large scale cleanups, and the best part? They are on call for all things hauling and dumping! They aren’t a one-size-fits-all operation; they take into account each situation and job to devise the best and most reasonable option to get the job done. That means no waste for the customer and huge savings for everyone.

They also offer free estimates and in-person consultation for large scale projects, so that everyone knows what the game plan is, what to expect, and how the process goes.

Do Not Hire on Price Alone!

Although rarely considered until you have to hire one, disposal services are not cheap. There are a ton of competitors out there to help with your disposal needs, so how are you to choose? The best way to hire the best rental company is to not go by price alone. The cheapest option is not always the best! Sometimes when you hire the least expensive company to save project costs, it comes back to bite you in the end. Saving pennies by spending dollars to undo mistakes made, or having to clean up after making a poor decision, doesn’t make much cents!

Offering Same Day Junk Removal Services

Rent Dump Trailer does their best to deliver a dumpster or junk removal container the same day or next. They work behind the scenes to save projects gone awry, and deal with emergencies daily. They are the only “on call” trash service in the Charleston area, which means they are there when you need them.

Rent Dump Trailers recently cleaned out an entire home, on the same day they were hired, so that a flooring crew could start their part a week ahead of when they were scheduled to start. A construction project running ahead of schedule, rare….but not when Rent Dump Trailer is involved.

Owner Trey Langston’s favorite persona is Gary V, a Belarusian American Entrepreneur, author, internet personality, and speaker who motivates Langston to strive harder, work longer, and deliver the highest quality service possible.

So if you are a contractor, builder, apartment community, or realtor in the Charleston area with a big clean up coming your way, make sure to reach out to locally owned, Rent Dump Trailers. They won’t ever leave you hanging!

The HOBA Mobile App expands to Florida – Hop on a boat!

The HOBA Mobile App expands to Florida kicking off at the Riptide Music Festival in Fort Lauderdale

HOBA, the ‘hop on a boat anywhere’ mobile app, has confirmed that it will be participating in this years Riptide Music Festival in Fort Lauderdale, FL taking place this weekend December 2nd and 3rd at the Fort Lauderdale Beach Park.

While HOBA has been busy establishing relationships with boat captains and sea schools in Florida, the event will mark the first time HOBA has had a live presence in the state. Festival goers are invited to come by the HOBA tent to find out all about HOBA and register to win a pair of 6th row tickets and a parking pass to the Miami Heat game on Dec. 23rd valued at $750. Participants must download the HOBA app to enter.

HOBA has experienced massive success in its founding city, Charleston, SC, as the app that allows users to book boats on demand easily from their mobile phone. With over 8,000 downloads in a few short months founder David Yates said, “We’re excited to bring the HOBA app to Florida as our users so far have had a great experience with the app. We’ve fine tuned it so it will be easier to search, connect and book a boat from anywhere. Captains all over Florida are excited to get involved and get people on the water.”

The Riptide Music Festival takes place on the shores of South Florida Featuring Cage The Elephant, Weezer, KC and The Sunshine Band, Boyz II Men, Lou Gramm – Founding Member of Foreigner, Portugal. The Man, Morris Day & The Time with a Tribute to Prince, Andrew McMahon in The Wilderness, Loverboy & more. Over 20 bands on Fort Lauderdale Beach!

Find out more and download the HOBA app for both Apple and Android at

Connect with HOBA on social media or search #hoba


HOBA is a ride-hailing app for boat captains and passengers. Connecting boat owners and travelers, HOBA gives passengers the unique opportunity to charter a boat with friends and family on demand.



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