Tips for Increasing Your Presence on a Local Search

Never before has your presence on the internet been so critical. If there is one thing that the pandemic taught us, it is that virtual is everything. Whether we will have to go through shutdowns again or in the future, or not, your local SEO is highly critical not just to the growth of your organization, but to its survival. The good news is that there are many things that you can do, which take very little time and no money, but make a huge difference!

As a 5-star rated SEO company in South Carolina, we thought we’d dish out some useful tips so you can supercharge your local SEO campaign.

Create Consistent Listings Using NAP

Many businesses have more than one listing on the internet. All of your business listings must be consistent. There will be some who will find you on Facebook, others that might find you doing a Google search, but wherever you find them, you want to ensure that they have the right information! When checking through the many places where you give information, make sure to:

  • Get your NAP correct, what we mean by NAP is your name, address, and phone number. These three keys are what you need to have the same everywhere, period.
  • Keep inventory of what directories your business is listed or appear on using a spreadsheet, that way, you have a record in case some of your information changes about where you have to go
  • If any portion of your NAP changes, then you have to change it on all forums that your business appears

Don’t only focus on the places that drive the most business and ignore all of the areas where your business is listed. Although one might bring more wealth, that doesn’t mean that you should forget the others. Every loss of a potential customer is just that. Also, if you frustrate one, that could lead to a bad review, which is always a bad thing!

Optimize your Google My Business

If there is one King of the Mountain for local SEO optimization, it is Google My Business. It is a business listing that is the most important to focus on. If you haven’t yet claimed your Google My Business account that is the first step and you should do that NOW. When you sign up, you can alter the way that your listing appears on local searches. If you aren’t involved, other people can likely add comments about your business and represent your store, and that is not what you want. You want to control your brand!

By being active on Google My Business you can:

Share Hour Changes

If you are going to be open seasonally for additional time, Google my Business is where you will want to make sure to list all of your open times and days. Whenever someone Googles your business or looks for a product or service that matches your area, they will see your store hours, making sure that they are correct year-found.

List Your High-Quality Image

If people are one thing, these days, it is visual! When you control your GMB page, you can add high-quality images and enhance your brand identity. For industries like hospitality and restaurants, it is going to be key to show off what your establishment and/or food looks like in real-life!

Reviews, Reviews, Reviews

Nowadays, your reviews are your word of mouth and form your reputation. Although you want to avoid a bad review, when you use GMB, you can start a conversation if someone does rate you a little lower than you would like. Being open to criticism and addressing it in a public forum is the best way to turn what could be a negative into a positive!

Book Appointment Functions

No one wants to go the extra step to pick up a phone anymore. If you use GMB to add a “book” function, you are more likely to create a call to action where people will follow through. You can add a button right onto your Google my Business page for people to “get it done”.

Posts With a Call to Action

Speaking of a call to action, when you use your Google my Business account, you can post special promotions, and images of your latest projects or products and provide useful tidbits that will make people feel like they are getting value-added! Being active is highly critical for your call to action and the reaction that it receives.

So Much More…

Google My Business is constantly looking for more resources and tools for business owners to enhance their local brand and presence. When you actively take part, you get to use all of the many functions they provide to put you in from the right audience to increase sales and your bottom line!

Entice Reviews From Your Customers

Reviews have more power than nearly every other form of digital advertising when it comes to swaying opinions and getting people to act. The best way to improve your local SEO is by encouraging your clients to review and rate you on Google. Some business owners get fearful that a bad review could lead to some severe consequences, so they almost think no reviews are good reviews, but that is not the case.

Most internet users like to see that you are active in the community, and if there are some not-so-good reviews, then you can use the power of control to comment and make the situation right! Let your customers provide feedback not just to better your business, but also to bring people in who trust that you are transparent and do the best you can for customer satisfaction, even if it might not be 100% all the time.

Add The Right Keywords With The Correct Density

Keywords are the key-words that your site and all of your content need to have to signal Google about how to match organic searches correctly. Adding local keywords is critical for Google to know where you are located, physically. Even big companies recognize the importance of being “local”.

Conglomerates such as Walmart, list each of their store’s addresses independently so that they have a local presence. If they are taking the time to input the data, you should too! Go through your current site and see where you can sneak in your location throughout so that you are found locally on a search and correctly!

Pimp Yourself For Local Press

It might sound disingenuous to go for the gratuitous press, but it can help your presence tremendously! Receiving recognition from local newspapers and features will greatly enhance your SEO. If you get news coverage, all the better. Put yourself out there and make it easy for a journalist looking for a story to make you theirs! Make sure that you add a contact us button prominently and let it be known that you welcome the press!

Next, utilize the press release! You can add relevant stories about your promotions, changes, and news-worthy events locally and spotlight your business. Journalists love a tale to tell, so give them one. Once you get a journalist on board, you will likely be on the press circuit and receive more attention just from breaking in.

Conclusion – Local is Where it is At!

If there is one thing that your small business needs, it is local SEO. These are super quick, easy, and free things that you can do to make a big difference. If you are having a hard time gaining traction, then let Fu Dog Media help! We are the leading SEO Company in South Carolina and we will help you dominate your local market! Contact us today to get started.

Seven Benefits of SEO for Pest Control and Pressure Washing Companies

As the internet impacts just about every part of our daily lives, it is becoming increasingly important to make your online presence known, regardless of the industry you are in. I get many variations of the same question a lot: “Why do I need SEO for my pressure washing company? We are a small operation.” If there is one lesson to learn about the pandemic era, it is that the World Wide Web is our window to the world, both figuratively and literally.

Back in the day, we had the Yellow Pages, where our fingers did the walking. Now they walk along the keys of our keyboards. Statistics tell us that 87.3% of the American population uses the internet. And 81% of the American public uses the internet to search for a product or service.

Of that 81% of those looking for a product or service, only about 25% will go to the second-page listings, so if you aren’t coming up first, you might as well come up last. SEO might be a long-term strategy, but it is an essential one for your company’s visibility. These are just seven of the benefits of having an SEO campaign for your pest control or pressure washing company.

What is SEO?

Some of our clients know what SEO—others give us a puzzled look. SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process of maximizing the number of visitors to your website by ensuring that the site appears high on search engines such as Google and Bing.

Anytime that you ask Google a question or a keyword or phrase, it quickly goes to work matching your words with websites to find the best results for what you are looking for. Google takes the words and content on your pages and then ranks them according to how helpful they are to internet users, which leads to the search engine results page (or SERP).

When someone Googles something related to pest control or to pressure washing, a SERP pops up, and if you are not on that page, it’s pretty likely you will not get a call. If you are on the second page and beyond of a SERP, again… you might as well be on the last.

There are over 200 different characteristics that Google uses to classify where you rank, including:
  • Bounce rates – the percentage of visitors to a particular website who navigate away from the site after viewing only one page.
  • Security – Do you have any security risks on your website that can pose a risk to anyone who visits?
  • Site activity – What are internet users doing when they go to your page?
  • Mobile-friendliness – Can an internet viewer see your website as well on their mobile device as they do on a computer?

Not all these characteristics are equally critical, but they do all work together to form your placement. The key is to maximize all that you can to launch yourself to the top SERP, where your customers can actually find you. After all, you can have the best-designed, most visually stunning and highly informative website on Earth, but all the effort is wasted if no one ever sees it.

7 Benefits of SEO for Pest Control and Pressure Washing Companies
1. Enhancing User Experience

There was a time when advertising was all about having the loudest voice, being the most in someone’s face, and forcing yourself into someone’s daily lives via spam emails, etc… According to the polls, that is exactly what people don’t want. All of those attention-seeking avenues that we once thought were vital? It turns out they turn people away! SEO is about being more targeted and selective and reaching out to people who are already searching for you. SEO tactics are aimed at making the user experience better, not being in their face whether they want you or not. When users are happy, they are more likely to have a favorable opinion of you, and they are more likely to call and schedule an appointment!

    2. SEO Brings Qualified Leads, Not Just Leads

    SEO is a tool that has your customers coming to you, not the other way around. Your leads from an SEO strategy are people who are already either looking for or needing your service. It doesn’t make much sense to spend resources trying to reach people who may or may not need a service, when you can easily target those who are already in the market and ready to make a decision.

      3. Helps You Close Sales!

      When you have more qualified leads, and a website built to convert, it leads to more sales – for real. 50% of internet shoppers report that they do a Google search before reaching out to a service or buying a product. When you have a well-planned SEO strategy, you have a greater likelihood of being front and center. Not only does this breed familiarity with you as a brand or service; it can lead to loyalty, meaning you have a customer for life – it’s a win-win.

        4. Spend Less and Get More

        Pay-per-click ads and pay-per-lead strategies are no doubt effective, but are costly and are never-ending. Once you stop ads, that traffic also stops. SEO gives you organic search rankings that will generate revenue for the long run. SEO takes some time to build (so don’t stop advertising altogether), but increasing your visibility for an organic search will help to decrease the amount that you have to spend on attracting customers to your service through paid ads or traditional marketing.

          5. Builds Awareness and Credibility

          The higher you rank on Google, the higher you will be on the SERP. When you show up first, it is almost as if Google is endorsing you – whether they see it that way or not, the customer does. But Google is smarter than you know. They aren’t just looking for technical stuff like having the right keywords and backlinks; they want to know what customers’ actual experiences are. That is where online reviews come in. Your reviews and reputation are going to affect how Google views you too. 5 star reviews on your Google Maps page and high ranking on 3rd party review sites like Yelp or Homeadvisor are essential to your SERP rankings.

            6. Boosts All of Your Other Marketing Endeavors

            It isn’t that you shouldn’t spend money on things like billboards or promotional materials to send to customers, but they aren’t going to be visible when someone is sitting in front of their computer looking for a service. All those things that you do outside the internet are great to build brand familiarity and loyalty so that when your website does pop up they recognize you. But the reality is without a good mix of both, you likely are just spinning your wheels. Like anything else, marketing is a balancing act that requires you to target your customers from all angles, but SEO is one of our favorite ways to drive revenue.

              7. Decreased Customer Acquisition Costs

              The numbers don’t lie: SEO can help drive more leads for less money than all other forms of marketing. It might take longer and need a lot of persistence, but once you reach that top spot, you will begin to appreciate its power. And the results will last longer than other advertising and marketing tools that you have tried.

                Struggling with an effective SEO campaign for your pest control or pressure washing company? That is where we come in!

                If you are ready to put your marketing resources into a long-term strategy that will drive more leads, give you more visibility, and cost you less, then we are ready to help you dominate the web. Contact Fu Dog Media today to get started!

                  The Values of SEO: Working Effectively Behind the Scenes – “Working” Being the Operative Word!

                  Digital marketing is an industry that is not well understood by many business owners. I hear from customers all the time that they get frustrating cold calls from random solicitors about SEO, and that it all sounds very unnecessary. Usually, we are asked “Is local SEO expensive?” I like to answer that it is only expensive if you DON’T do it! SEO might not make an immediate impact, but the long-term game can make a huge difference.

                  Is Local SEO Expensive?

                  When we approach new clients, their first question – and rightly so – is about how much our services cost. And we understand that smart business decisions are all about weighing the costs versus the benefits. However, most people get so stuck on the price of SEO services that they can’t see the forest for the trees.

                  We can see where it might be difficult to put your faith in our promise that over time, we can enhance your local presence and your bottom line, but we both also know that sometimes you have to roll up your sleeves and put in some sweat equity.

                  Local SEO is a prime example. You might have to put some money out for the first couple of months that might not show immediate results, but we know that your sweat equity in this case will build your business in the long run. Your savvy competitors are already on board with digital marketing and SEO, and if slow and steady wins the race, you better get at it!

                  If You Aren’t on Page One, You Won’t Be Seen

                  Statistics tell us that 90% of search engine users will only go to first page results when doing an organic search for a product or service. Most of the time, we have no problem getting our customers to understand the value of updating and redoing their website to be more “mobile-friendly,” easier to navigate, and more appealing.

                  What they might not understand, however, is that you can spend thousands redoing your website to make it eye-catching – but it won’t catch anyone’s eye if they never see it.

                  90% of Search Engine Users Will Use Only the First Page Results

                  If you aren’t found on page one of an internet search, then you are really throwing money away on a new website because the only person that will probably appreciate it is you and the customers who you have already captured.

                  Throwing the money into making your website spectacular and then letting it sit without the use of local SEO really makes very little economical sense. If you understand the value of your online presence, then it stands to reason that putting in the extra amount to ensure your investment in a new design is well worth it.

                  In Practical Terms

                  Sometimes the only way to illustrate the point you are trying to get across is to put it into practical terms. So let’s say you have your mindset that local SEO is a waste of your monthly marketing budget, but let’s do the math…

                  How much money do you gain from earning just one client or sale per month? For most industries, if local SEO drives just one customer your way, or entices one to reach out and buy your product, you have recouped all the money you put into monthly local SEO.

                  How Does Local SEO Work?

                  A study done by the highly-respected Forrester Group found that when you invest in local SEO, you can increase your revenues by as much as 400%. But is that really realistic? Let’s see how it works.


                  When it comes to revenue, driving more traffic to your website is not the only way to increase your sales and leads. If someone is merely attempting to land more people on your website indiscriminately, that is probably useless. But that doesn’t mean that driving traffic isn’t a vector for increased sales.

                  50% of all of your website views comes from people clicking on your link from an organic search result. Those who engage in local SEO are getting more than 50% of all the traffic on the internet, and those who aren’t are sharing the remaining 50% amongst themselves. If you rank on page one, you are being seen 90% of the time; therefore, you are getting 90% of the 50% if you come up on the first page.

                  The question then becomes not whether SEO is expensive, but whether you can afford not to use it as a resource to enhance your visibility and your bottom line. How many jobs are you currently missing out on because you aren’t being ranked in the top spot when people are searching for your product or service?

                  What I can tell you is that sometimes in an effort to save pennies, we end up throwing away dollars. If you aren’t doing some form of local SEO, you are probably missing out on a large portion of traffic and revenue.


                  At Fu Dog Media, we don’t just throw out opinions or projections; we deliver real-life results based on analytics and reports. If you are worried about seeing any change, we provide facts, figures, and analyses about the difference we are making. But most of all, you will feel the difference our efforts make in your sales, leads, and wallet – so my question to you is, how expensive is not engaging in local SEO for your business? Contact us today and let’s start dominating the web together!

                  Web Design, SEO & PPC for Your Power Washing Company – The Benefits of Hiring Specialized Experts

                  When it comes to SEO and PPC, sometimes the practices we use in the industry don’t vary much. But that doesn’t mean that it’s not important to find a professional who understands the specific nature of power washing SEO and how to best drive traffic to gain tangible results for your business. At Fu Dog Media, we specialize in helping power washing companies gain a competitive edge, more leads, and increased revenue through the use of PPC and SEO.

                  See How It Works
                  Gain Exposure – Book More Power Washing Appointments – Increase Revenue!

                  Increasing your exposure and sales is all about having a vivid, video- and image-packed, mobile-friendly, navigation-friendly website. Your website isn’t just a place card for your business information; it is a tool that, if laid out properly, converts visitors into booked appointments.

                  How does your current website stack up against the competition? Pressure washing is a competitive business in most areas, so if you don’t grab them first with your website, someone else definitely will!

                  Case Studies

                  Helping Our Clients Wash the Pressure Washing Competitors Away!
                  3 case studies….

                  What We Do Best for Pressure Washing Companie

                  At Fu Dog Media, our goal is not just to drive more traffic to your site, but to also drive targeted views that will convert to sales. Our proven methods will help you book more appointments and grow your business using strategies that work.

                  We insist on making a good impression via your website so you book more pressure washing appointments and increase your rankings, so people see you more than the competition.

                  Are You Getting Noticed?

                  Our website design team understands the importance of first impressions – after all, you only get one shot. We design sites that represent your brand and expertise, while providing vivid imagery and videos to keep visitors engaged.

                  Mobile-friendliness is one of the most important components of your Google ranking. We ensure that your design looks just as amazing on mobile devices as it does on computers by using our mobile responsiveness test.

                  And we also ensure that your customers have ease of use and navigational tools to contact you without the inconvenience of having to search. If someone has to go more than one step to find you, they probably never will.

                  Does your site perform that way now?
                  Improve Your Visibility

                  Statistics tell us that 90% or more of Americans use the internet to find products and services, like pressure washing companies, in their area. They also tell us that only 10% of those searching will go to page two to find what they are looking for. Therefore, if you aren’t seen on page one, you will most likely not be seen at all. Investing in a dynamic and innovative web design is critical – but not if no one sees it!

                  Search engine optimization may seem a bit overwhelming, and the long-term nature of it can be a little hard to swallow – but just like most things, slow and steady wins the race.

                  Our pressure-washing SEO practices are targeted to not just gain you more exposure, but also to keep you at the head of the pack. It isn’t just about ranking for keywords; there are over 200 factors that Google uses to rank businesses. We work as comprehensively as possible to increase as many factors as we can simultaneously!

                  Do You Know Where You Rank?
                  Compare your pressure washing ranking

                  See how your site performs when you compare your company to other local competitors

                  Enter your website URL
                  (See results)

                  Online Pressure Washing Booking

                  When asked, 72% of Americans would rather book their appointments online. In fact, many reported that they would book another company over their current one if they had the option to use the internet to schedule appointments. Also, think about it: you can book appointments in your sleep – literally!

                  Fill Your Appointment Schedule

                  Booking online gives people the ease of not taking another step to picking up a phone to reach out. All they have to do is click a button. They also don't have to worry about getting an answering machine and whether someone will call them back.

                  Potential and current customers can look for a time and day that works, and book it themselves. Not only does that cut down on your need to hire appointment setters to be available when people call; it will help to fill up your calendar quickly and consistently.

                  At Fu Dog Media, we can integrate your scheduling system so that your customers can see what you have available in real time, which gives them just one more reason to choose you over another pressure washing company. That means more growth for your business and your wallet.

                  (Request a demo)

                  Boost Your Google Ranking

                  Whether you found out that you rank highly or not, we can help take your pressure washing business to a whole new level of domination. We have the specialized skills in the pressure washing marketing industry to rank you on page one and keep you there.

                  It is simple math: more exposure = more traffic = more appointments = more revenue – and we have the proof that our system works!

                  The Benefits of SEO for HVAC and Plumbing Companies

                  Plumbing and HVAC companies have a lot of competition when it comes to being found on the internet. In a post-pandemic world, the internet has become an even greater source for the average homeowner, with nearly 80% of all businesses found by doing an organic search. Statistics tell us that 90% of all internet users will only go to the first page of a search, and only 10% go to the second page, which is why your rankings are so critical to your bottom line.

                  Having an amazing HVAC/Plumbing website is definitely important – but only if you are doing what’s necessary for people to find it to begin with. SEO is a must to generate organic leads in the plumbing and HVAC world, and in this blog, you’ll find seven reasons that SEO is critical to your success.

                  Of that 81% of those looking for a product or service, only about 25% will go to the second-page listings, so if you aren’t coming up first, you might as well come up last. SEO might be a long-term strategy, but it is an essential one for your company’s visibility. These are just seven of the benefits of having an SEO campaign for your pest control or pressure washing company.

                  What is SEO?

                  As a business, you want to retain your customer base, but chances are that you are always looking for new ones, too. In the same way, customers are looking for a company that they can trust. It can be frustrating and difficult with so many options to choose from. How do consumers even know what services a company offers or how to find the right company for the service they need?

                  They Go to Google!

                  In the old days, the way to find a company was the Yellow Pages. Now people simply turn to the internet. They go into the browser and they type their search to find a match in their area. SEO impacts the way that search engines rank your company for an organic search. Let’s say that a homeowner has a water heater that isn’t heating. They would likely type “water heater repair” or do a voice search for “water heater repair near me”.

                  What comes up are the companies that Google deems a great match. How do they know? They use things like keywords and key phrases that are located on websites in the local area. When an internet user types in what they want, Google identifies the sites that have matching content and then up pops the ones that are relative according to Google’s algorithms.

                  Keywords are important because they tell the search engines which products and services you offer. If you don’t have the correct keywords or key phrases, then Google might not match you with homeowners, and you will probably not come up on the first page of a search result.

                  As mentioned above, if you don’t come up on the first page, you are missing 90% of internet traffic!

                  What Other Things Does Google Look For?

                  It isn’t just about keywords and keyphrases, although they are highly critical. Google also uses algorithms to quantify how relative a site is to an internet searcher, as well as things like:

                  Bounce rates – How long do viewers stay on your website before they “bounce” to another one?
                  Security – Does your website pose any security risks that Google might see as a threat to viewers?
                  Site activity – What are internet viewers doing once they get to your site?
                  Mobile-friendliness – Can people view your website as easily on a mobile device as they do on a desktop or laptop?

                  There are over 200 other ways that Google classifies your website – some more important than others – but it is a combined total that gets you to the top spot when someone is searching for your product or service. If you don’t know what those are, you could be making yourself invisible to the people who need to see you in the front and center.

                  7 Benefits of SEO for Your Plumbing or HVAC Business

                  It is a simple math equation – the more consumers you reach, the more likely it is that they will reach out; the more sales you make; the more revenue you take in.

                  1. SEO Provides a Better User Experience

                  There was a time when advertising was all about the company advertising their goods or services. The key focus was to get their attention through any means possible, like emails and other pop-up strategies. What we have found is that irritating the consumer does not attract them; it turns them off.

                  SEO differs because it isn’t about who shouts the loudest. It is an inbound versus an outbound strategy. It gives your consumer a more targeted approach, and singles out the people who are actually looking for you. If you offer your plumbing and hvac services to people who need it and are actually looking for it, you are more likely to be attractive to them – they are waiting for you already! Better favorability = they’re more apt to reach out!

                  2. SEO Brings QUALIFIED Leads

                  Leads are great if you have the time and resources to follow them up, but let’s be honest: it is much easier when the customer comes to you first – when someone is searching for your product and service, that is a qualified lead because they need you.

                  3. SEO Closes More Sales

                  The more exposure you have on the internet to people searching for your product or service, the more probable it is that they will have brand familiarity and choose you. Statistics tell us that 50% of internet shoppers use Google before they buy or decide to call a service provider.
                  When you use SEO to enhance your ranking, you are more likely to pop up an internet search – and more exposure means more opportunity to close the deal!

                  6. Boosts All of Your Other Marketing Endeavors

                  It isn’t that you shouldn’t spend money on things like billboards or promotional materials to send to customers, but they aren’t going to be visible when someone is sitting in front of their computer looking for a service. All those things that you do outside the internet are great to build brand familiarity and loyalty so that when your website does pop up they recognize you. But the reality is without a good mix of both, you likely are just spinning your wheels. Like anything else, marketing is a balancing act that requires you to target your customers from all angles, but SEO is one of our favorite ways to drive revenue.

                  4. SEO Allows for Better Advertising Spending

                  When you properly initiate a good SEO strategy, then you don’t have to rely so much on other paid advertising methods, like pay-per-lead or pay-per-click ads. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you should get rid of paid advertising altogether, but it does mean that over time you will get a lot of traction for free, and be able to cut back on your advertising budget.

                  5. SEO Builds Brand Familiarity and Credibility

                  If you come up first on a Google search, it is almost as if Google is giving you a recommendation of credibility. Getting Google to find you credible isn’t just about inbound and outbound links; it is an entire strategy of SEO that deems you as trustworthy due to things like online reviews, social media marketing, backlinks, and other tools. Also, more people are using Google maps and Google listings than ever before, so if you can get Google to trust you, then you have it made already with the consumer before you even step into their front doors.

                  6. SEO Enhances Your Other Marketing Methods

                  It isn’t an “either/or” thing: SEO works with your other marketing methods to enhance your bottom line. If you do advertise using other mediums, it will only further foster your brand recognition and loyalty. When customers continually see your name and logo, they feel as if they already know you, and that is great advertising. Unfortunately, when their hot water heater quits on Monday morning, they aren’t going to Google your business name, which is why both are necessary!

                  7. SEO Lowers Customer Acquisition Costs

                  Cost-benefit analyses tell us that SEO is a much less expensive way to lower your lead costs than other marketing strategies and tools. Although it is a long-term endgame, it does work. And when you got it, you got it! When we get your SEO up and running and WORKING – it is the most cost-effective marketing option available!

                  Dominate with Fu Dog Media

                  If you aren’t making full use of SEO strategies, you are losing out. Your website can be as spectacular as possible, but it doesn’t matter if no one ever sees it. A lot of our customers ask us if SEO really works and if our results are real – YES! Contact Fu Dog Media today to discuss how we can take your plumbing or HVAC company to a whole new level!

                  Do You Need SEO? The Numbers Don’t Lie – Tried and True SEO Stats!

                  As we head into another year, if there is one thing we’ve all learned is that things can change in a heartbeat. And, unfortunately, the most socialization that we have been able to have in 2020 is social media. But that isn’t all bad, especially for your business.

                  Although all might have seemed lost for some small businesses when the pandemic dug in its heels, what many learned is if you adapt and find new ways to market, advertise, and offer your product or services in the face of adversity, it is possible to not only survive but to thrive. If you aren’t yet convinced that SEO is critical to your overall bottom line, read these hard and true statistics!

                  It Takes In-Depth Content to Rank Highly

                  It used to be that a solid content page on Google for ranking purposes was somewhere around 500 to 700 pages. According to Google, the average length is now 1,890 for top ranking web pages. How are you keeping up? And it isn’t just about word count; you don’t need to drive people to your website, you need them to stay! People want to absorb useful information broken up into sections that are easy to peruse.

                  local video marketing SEO SEO near you

                  It is All About the Reviews!

                  According to Forbes Magazine, 80-90% of all online shoppers read the reviews before making their purchasing decisions. Online reviews are the key to building brand credibility. That’s why making it easier for your customers to add comments can really help your bottom line. Put in the time to follow up with customers to make sure not only that they had a pleasurable experience, but also ask if they’re willing to share.

                  Make Every Impression Count

                  The average time a person will spend on an internet search per item is about one minute long. That isn’t much time to captivate them, which is why you have to make your impression count! Finding information has become so liberal that most of us take for granted the wealth that we can consume in just one minute. That also means as a business that your time is ticking. Whatever you have on the internet has to grab attention and do so quickly.

                  Blogs are Essential

                  Inside Views reports that business-to-business marketing gains 67% more leads if they use blogs in their campaign. Blogs used to be a way that people expressed their opinions and ideas for the reader. Blogs have a dual purpose now. They not only are meant to engage the reader and provide value-added, they are a signal to Google about the credibility of your site. If you have blogs that readers find useful, it can do incredible things for your ranking and internet traffic. If you don’t, then you are telling Google that you really don’t have much to offer. Blogs are essential, but the quality and relativity of them is even more so.

                  Long-Tailed Keywords are Getting Longer

                  Wordstream found that 50%, or half, of all search queries, use four or more words. Tyson Media reports that If you don’t have a mobile-friendly website, 40% of internet users will skip you and search again. Long-tailed keywords were gaining popularity years ago. Now, statistics say that more and more people are using voice recognition to do their internet searches. Since it is much easier to say what you want to find, people are using more words than ever before to better pinpoint what they are trying to find. So the more you can incorporate more detailed and target keywords into your content, titles, and meta descriptions, the better.

                  Google Updates Daily, and you Need to too

                  Hubspot counted that Google works to change its algorithms about 500-600 times annually. So what worked yesterday, likely isn’t working today. Just when you think you’ve got the rules figured out, the game changes. Google is constantly changing how they classify websites and webpages to remain relative. So watching for new trends and simple algorithms upgrades are essential.

                  Company Names That Include Strong Keywords get Noticed Locally

                  Businesses that use a strong keyword contained in their company name are spotted 1.5 times more in search engine results according to the Local SEO Guide. Local SEO differs from national, and it is all about location and keywords. Never before is it more important to use strong keywords in your company name. In previous generations it was all about finding words that come first in the alphabet because companies were listed alphabetically, those days are long, long gone.

                  YouTube Giving Google a run for its Money

                  Google might be a mainstay, but new data released by Mushroom Networks indicates that YouTube is now a close second for search engines around the globe. More and more people are choosing video streams over content. That doesn’t mean that you don’t need quality content on your site, but it does mean that you have to have a healthy mix between the two. YouTube is where you captivate your audience; your website is where you drive them.

                  local video marketing SEO SEO near you

                  Don’t Underestimate Facebook

                  Merkle found that there are over 2,000,000,000 search queries on Facebook on any given day. Facebook might be the elderly social media platform on the block, but don’t underestimate it. Although most people downplay how often and how much they rely on Facebook – the stats tell us differently. Keep your presence strong by using the right keywords when you are posting to social media.

                  Click-Throughs Matter!

                  19.3% of organic search click-throughs go to the top listings. Ranking highly on an organic Google search is still critical, but getting there isn’t as easy. It takes a good mix of ads with the right content and campaign to get the most click-throughs possible.

                  Organic Searches are Still a Priority

                  Marketers say that 60% of their efforts are focused on enhancing their SEO and organic presence on the internet. After decades of things changing on the internet, there is one thing that remains the same – organic search efforts are still a number one priority. It takes approaching your SEO and SEM marketing from many fronts to push your website higher on an internet search.

                  Content Remains King

                  55% of marketing experts believe that quality content creation is their number one priority. People are looking for information that hasn’t been cut and pasted. They want something outside the obvious, which is why pages that have 1,890 words or more are leading the charge. The more people get, the more they want. Content isn’t just what drives your organic traffic it is what converts them to become a customer.

                  People pretty much lived on the internet pre-COVID, now that is where we all live, play, and shop. As we head into a new year, hopefully, full of prosperity and health, now is an excellent time to revamp your website and social media presence. The numbers don’t lie – you can do some amazing things with very little effort if you know the facts.

                  At Fu Dog Media, we stay ahead of the changing internet tide to consistently provide targeted and effective means to get your company noticed. Contact us today to discuss how we can take your business to the next level and have you dominating the web!

                  Dominating Google With a Local SEO Company – What You Need to Know

                  Never before has local SEO been so critical to help drive potential customers to your website. The best way to enhance your organic traffic is to increase visibility by knowing how to attract potential customers. SEO is a fantastic marketing strategy for any company or business who is serious about their web presence.

                  Local SEO is a type of targeted search engine optimization that focuses on attracting attention in a specific location, typically where your business resides. The first critical step to maximizing your website’s exposure is knowing where your customer base lies. Are you trying to target consumers nationally, regionally or just locally? Once you figure out where to throw the net, the rest becomes a whole lot easier.

                  Hiring a Local SEO Company to Help You Dominate

                  When you have a brick and mortar, your physical location becomes super important to your overall sales. 97% of customers look for a local business online before they follow through to purchasing. Therefore, if you don’t come up when they do an internet search, there is very little probability that you will get the physical sale. Statistics also say that about 50% of customers who do a Google search to find a business visit the store that day.

                  The best way to enhance your local exposure is to hire a local SEO company that is focused on making sure your services are seen in a specific geo-targeted area. Most medium-to-small businesses need to be seen online in their locale, not on a grand scale. So focusing more concentratedly is going to gain you better results.

                  The advantages of local SEO
                  • It tends to be less expensive than national SEO
                  • The competition for ranking is lesser
                  • You target potential consumers by using keywords that your niche market will be using to find you. The keywords used have very high conversion rates
                  • Ranking locally usually takes much less time
                  • It is usually easier to stay within your overall marketing budget
                  Local Search Engine Optimization Marketing Services

                  Local SEO is an excellent way to get ahead of your competitors, but it is not a once and done type of marketing and advertising plan. To be successful with an organic Local SEO campaign, you have to be persistent – it is a long end game.

                  The benefits of hiring a local SEO company
                  • You will receive more leads, sales, and website visits from local consumers
                  • It will increase your visibility over your competitors
                  • You can implement more concise geographically targeted campaigns

                  According to Google, 43% of searches are geographically oriented with 50% of mobile searches using local intent. Local SEO is one of the most effective ways to increase your location-specific presence to drive sales. It is also one of the most critical marketing tools that you have as a locally owned small or medium business.

                  The key to a successful SEO campaign is that you understand who your customers are, where they live, and what they want. Search engines are continually and constantly changing their algorithms, so you have to know how to evolve with them and update your site and SEO accordingly. A local SEO company should use every tool at their disposal to improve keyword rankings.

                  local video marketing SEO

                  Local Video SEO

                  Are you currently using video as a part of your marketing campaign? If not, you are missing a huge opportunity. People prefer videos over text and find them to be highly engaging and entertaining. Statistics show that 17% of internet users, on average, will leave a website within four seconds. But if they have a video, users will stay closer to two minutes to watch it. Video marketing helps to engage those who you drive to your website to want to stay and learn more. And that reduces bounce rates, which will boost your website ranking.

                  YouTube marketing is quickly becoming just as powerful and important as other Google marketing strategies. It is the third-highest visited site, and the second largest search engine used. YouTube can be a great contributor to the success of your local SEO campaign because:

                  • There are over one billion searches done on YouTube daily
                  • Creating a video is pretty inexpensive
                  • Mobile users would rather watch a video than reading content on their mobile phones
                  • Videos help increase your Google ranking
                  • 46% of consumers will usually act immediately following watching a video

                  So the best campaign for local SEO is one that combines website and video SEO into one coherent strategy. Contact Fu Dog Media today to discuss local SEO strategy. We can work with any company in the USA for local SEO.

                  🚀Supercharge Your Practice: Tips for Optimizing Local SEO for Dentists

                  The internet has opened up a new avenue for small businesses and large alike to market their products and services. Dentists are among those who have turned to the internet to generate leads and for digital marketing purposes. The key to a successful practice lies in being among the top ranked practices on Google searches, or even better being top ranked on Google.

                  There are countless numbers of dentists to choose from, which is why a practice must differentiate themselves from their competitors and captivate their niche market. But what are the ways to best achieve the best online presence in your local care to grow your dental practice?

                  Perform and Plan Local SEO Research

                  One of the most difficult things to do for many business owners is to identify the keywords that people are searching to find their product or service. SEO should not be a trial and error practice where you throw things out and hope that something works. Search engine optimization requires using real and quantifiable research tools to find the keywords that will drive the most traffic.

                  An experienced digital marketing company can help you find the right keyword targets for your Dental Practice’s SEO campaign.

                  The key to finding the best keywords is pinpointing the user’s intent. You want to find keywords that indicate that a consumer is doing a query in which they intend to make an appointment or a purchase.

                  When researching keywords, you want to find those that drive traffic that is convertible from viewer to customer. Some viewers are looking for answers and information only, which can be fine because those searches add value to your website ranking. But if you are going to aim to answer questions, make sure that you do so quickly, or they will bounce to another site. And a high bounce rate will put a dent in your rankings.

                  A “bounce” occurs when someone visits your website and leaves without taking action and interacting further with your site. Your bounce rate shows you the percentage of your visitors who bounce off of your site. Therefore a high bounce rate is bad news!

                  When using keyword search tools, keep in mind that the main purpose of them is to generate ideas and determine their search volumes from month to month. Dentist keywords can be harder to rank due to the level of competition, but if you find the correct ones, and implement the right strategies, it will increase your traffic and your patients!

                  Keywords related to dentists are usually location specific like “dentist in Charleston”, or “best dentist in Orlando, FL”. After you have a healthy list of them, you can start to incorporate keywords and key phrases into your content, being careful to use them in subheadings, titles, meta descriptions and throughout the body. If you incorporate blogs, it’s a great place to target your keywords as well.

                  Before Your Target Local SEO for Dentists, You Need a Great Dental Website Design

                  Most dental practice websites have basic static pages like Home, About Us, Contact Us, and Services. But to have a successful, high-ranking website that captures more long-tail keywords or key phrases, it’s best to create focus pages for different services such as:

                  • Dental Checkup
                  • Emergency Dentist
                  • Cosmetic Dentistry
                  • Invisalign
                  • Dental Implants
                  • Dental Crowns
                  • Teeth Whitening
                  • Dentist Open Now

                  Focusing on long-tail keywords for your dental practice is a fantastic SEO tactic. Long-tail keywords are keywords that are more specific and typically longer than more commonly used keywords. Long-tail keywords like “Invisalign Raleigh NC” get less search traffic than general keywords like “dentist”, but will usually have a higher conversion value, as they are more specific. 

                  Using keywords throughout your website in titles, urls, and meta data is important for Google. Each page of your website should showcase one keyword or key phrase.

                  For instance, if you offer Invisalign, you should definitely have a page or multiple pages highlighting Invisalign and really giving your visitors great content about the service. If you offer Botox for TMJ, there should be a dedicated page for that service, and so on.

                  Next, you will want to organize internal links. Link your dental secondary pages to the main navigation menu, which is located at the top of each page. That will help funnel Link Equity from the secondary pages to the homepage. Navigation must be clear and easy to access internal pages.

                  Technical SEO: How to Audit Your Existing Dental Website

                  If you already have a website up and running, there is likely still a whole lot of work to be done. You must be continually auditing your site to see where it stands and what areas can be improved. If you neglect bugs or errors in coding, they can severely affect your Search Engine Results Pages or SERPs. Some common technical SEO issues that might require your immediate attention on your dental website are:

                  • Crawl Errors – these are errors that make it impossible for search engines to reach pages on your website
                  • XML Sitemap – Is a list of all of the URLs coming from your website. This helps Google find out what your site is all about.
                  • Robot.txt File – Is a file that is meant to teach search engine crawlers against crawling to specific files
                  • Toxic Links – Are unnatural or unsecured links that point to your website
                  • Page Load Speed – Your page load speed is highly critical to reducing your bounce rate and session timing. Your site needs to load quickly and be speed optimized.
                  • Duplicate Descriptions, Titles, and Headers – When possible, eliminate duplicates
                  • Broken Links – Broken links happen when URLs addresses change and don’t update or they have added or are missing URLs. Avoid 404 errors at all costs.

                  Google has now launched a mobile-first index, so creating a mobile-friendly design has become critical. Mobile-first indexing means Google predominantly uses the mobile version of the content for indexing and ranking so your mobile design must be on point!

                  Google has a mobile-friendly testing page that helps to analyze if your site offers an appropriate mobile experience to meet the standards of search engines. They will help to pinpoint pages that aren’t compatible with various mobile devices.

                  Having a mobile-friendly design is important, but you also have to have the correct content and information that help search engines classify your practice like promotions, events, phone numbers, addresses, and reviews. Make sure to have local elements that will help rank highly in local search results, so that when people are searching location-specific they find you first.

                  Best Practices for Optimizing Local SEO for Dentists

                  Image ALT Text

                  Dental images can significantly help your search engine optimization. Whether it is a blog or a landing page, every page of your website design should contain a relative image. Once the image is placed, you also have to optimize the alt text. The alt text is also referred to as the alt tag and it is a brief description of what the image displays. When possible, include the primary keyword in the image alt to get the highest ranking. If you are displaying an invisalign image, your alt tag might be “Invisalign Charleston SC”.

                  Body Content

                  Word count does matter, so optimizing it is critical for ranking purposes. Webpage content should ideally always be from 300-500+ words, but try not to add filler content that isn’t accurate or relative, or Google will flag it as spam. Your dental homepage should include things like the services you offer, where your practice is located, and a call to action that allows people to either phone or email you.

                  And don’t forget to include your primary keyword, which should be embedded in the first paragraph of your text, and then at least two times in the body with slight alterations to get full SEO coverage.

                  H1 Headings

                  H1 headings are what main titles are called and they help to identify the content located on the page. They are meant to give a little more information about where the focus of the content is. In H1 headings, always include primary key phrases and keywords.

                  Meta Descriptions

                  In practical terms, the meta description is the most essential component of each web page. The meta description is used to give a heightened explanation of what the focus of a web page is about. It should be kept to between 130 to 160 characters, which includes any symbols or spaces for Search Engine Results Pages.

                  When writing meta descriptions, focus on writing a very concise and poignant summary of the main page purpose. When possible, include both the primary keyword as well as a CTA (call to action) to get the maximum benefit.

                  Title Tags

                  Title tags are a very critical component for SEO purposes. A title tag should only be about 65 characters in total and include the keyword, or key phrase, or both. If you exceed the character limit, it might get cut off, so be careful to follow the guidelines.

                  Site URL Structure

                  Keep URLs keywords short and stick to lowercase letters and dashes.

                  Sound like a lot? Let Fu Dog Media Help!

                  This is just a quick overview of things you can do to maximize your Search Engine Ranking, but devising the overall strategy should not be completed by trial and error. There are a vast number of opportunities to increase your online presence if you understand what Google is looking for and how to make each page of your website count.

                  At Fu Dog Media, we specialize in local SEO strategies to catapult your dental practice to high rankings and get you noticed. Once we drive traffic to the site, we also know how to design your website to capture visitors via call, contact forms or other actions. Contact us to help create, design, or revamp your existing website and implement expert local SEO for your dental practice today!

                  Creating a Powerful Web Design & SEO for Roofing Companies

                  The roofing industry is a very specific niche market when it comes to connecting with potential customers and industry contractors, which is why having a successful digital marketing strategy is so critical to your overall survival. With the right content and website design, you can relay to the consumer and the industry around you, exactly what advantages you have to offer and what others can learn from connecting.

                  Replacing a roof is a significant investment for many home and commercial property owners. And it requires that you establish a high level of trust to beat out competitors. That trust all begins at your website, making things like mobile-friendly ease, quick loading time, eye-catching graphics, and valuable content so essential.

                  Case Study – The Success of Powell Roofing

                  When the owner of Powell Roofing approached us at Fu Dog Media, he was looking for both a new website design creation and an SEO strategy. Within a couple of years, along with excellent craftsmanship and reputation, we were able to help Powell Roofing become the leading roofing company in the Charleston area.

                  He ranked highest for over 162 keywords on Google and 117 on Bing, and we increased his website visibility by 112%. Fu Dog Media worked to drive customers to his website and convert those viewers to customers. And, from there, his excellent roofing expertise did the rest.

                  Creating a Visually Appealing and User-Friendly Roofing Website Design

                  The first step to your online presence is the impressiveness of your website design. The website is the first impression you make with potential business partners and customers. And, unfortunately, you only get one chance to make a first impression. Therefore, you want your website not only to be as professional and innovative as possible; you want it to represent your brand.

                  People get distracted easily, and too much information or visual display can be overwhelming, so leaving a lot of blank space is an excellent way to retain their attention. When placing images, make sure to use the highest-quality, professional high-resolution photos only. Videos are also an excellent way to bring your service alive and capture the attention of viewers.

                  When it comes to content, make sure to keep it short and concise. Break up your verbiage with subheadings or bullet points to get your point across and to make it easy to digest. Also, make sure that the site is easy to navigate and find answers to viewer questions, along with ways to contact you. Ideally, visitors should only have to click twice or less to find what they are looking for. And loading speed is extremely important, people have very little patience and if your website takes too long, they will probably bounce to your competitor.

                  Use a Responsive Website Design

                  Internet users have a vast number of ways to peruse the web including smartphones, mobile devices, and tablets, especially when searching for products and services. It is highly critical that your website be both functional and accessible across various mobile devices.

                  A responsive website design will ensure that your webpages are user-friendly regardless of which type of device a potential customer chooses. Responsive sites automatically adjust to any screen without cutting things or losing elements of design. Statistics tell us that mobile-optimized web pages convert viewers to customers at a much higher rate.

                  Your Homepage is Your Best Selling Tool

                  Your homepage is the most critical part of your internet selling tool. The landing page should represent your brand, be impressive, and clearly convey your mission. The content should also be concise, intelligent, and should resonate well with your market niche.

                  Adding things like customer testimonials and success stories is a great way to capture a viewer’s trust quickly. The average viewer will only give you about 5 seconds before they decide to stay or bounce to another page. So your homepage has to capture and convince them to look further and stay put.

                  Content Must be Readable, Engaging and Valuable

                  Once you have created your design and chosen your images and graphics, it is time to focus on content. Your content can be a very powerful marketing tool, but only if it gives value, is easy to read, and is relative to the reader. Things like how-to, informational articles, and blog posts are all ways to establish yourself as an authority in the roofing industry. And with authority comes trust, which is what you are ultimately trying to build.

                  Web pages should contain specific keywords and keyphrases, but they can’t appear to be nonsensical or stuffed, or you run the risk of giving the feeling that you are trying to manipulate the reader. Try to use a conversational approach that will resonate with both other businesses and potential consumers.

                  Keep your content clear and concise without a lot of filler and beware of boring or long pages that will bore the reader and have them losing interest. As a general rule, the information on your page should be easy to digest in just a couple of minutes and have subheadings and bullet points that people can skim. The pages should also contain links to authority sites for the reader who wants to delve deeper.

                  seo for roofing companies

                  seo for roofing companies

                  Other tips:

                  • Limit technical, confusing, or industry jargon that will be lost on the average reader
                  • Use interesting images and quotes, highlight key points, and break things up so that people can skip around
                  • Use easy to read fonts and color schemes, and keep an uncluttered appearance throughout

                  About Us is All About Building Trust

                  The about us page is where you really want to build trust with the viewer. It is where you want to showcase your business and give your mission and the backstory about who you are and why you do what you do. Try to stay away from business jargon and cliches and be personable by adding images of your company and your team.

                  You want people to get a glimpse of the people behind the scenes so they make a connection with you personally. People want to know exactly who will be working on their roof, not just faceless names, so outline your team with bios. Also, make sure that your contact information is easy to find including phone number, address, online contact form, and any social media buttons you have for people to follow you. The about us page is all about building trust and brand familiarity, which breeds brand loyalty.

                  Showcase Completed or Ongoing Roofing Projects

                  Completed or ongoing jobs are an excellent way to showcase your work and to establish trust with the viewer. It is also a good idea to offer tips and tricks for homeowners. People want to see videos and images of roofing projects that you have done. When it comes to content, make it intelligent enough that it gives useful information that people will find valuable.

                  For instance, talk about the differences between metal and shingle roofing, use statistics about the lifespan of various roofing materials and their cost, and outline the differences and advantages that each offers. People want to feel as if you are providing them valuable information to make a good roofing decision.

                  Call to Actions – A MUST

                  Driving traffic to your website is only half of the battle, converting viewers to customers is where the magic happens. A CTA or call to action helps encourage the viewer to reach out and make contact. Strategically placed contact buttons and links are a great way to entice the viewer to follow through to sign up for promotions, give you their email for marketing purposes, or follow you via social media.

                  Your website is one of your best sales and marketing tools, which is why it is critical to do all the things necessary to not just get people to your site, but also to keep them there. With the right website design, you can further your SEO efforts and help to convert viewers to customers or partners with ease. Contact Fu Dog Media to discuss how we can catapult your online presence and your bottom line today.

                  Want Google to ❤️ Your Website? Get Search Engine Optimization Near You!

                  The internet has completely changed the rules for small businesses, both good and bad. Undoubtedly, it has leveled the playing field for small and big businesses alike. There are no rules or boundaries when it comes to growing your business, the sky’s the limit if you know how Google works and how to get them to love you with search engine optimization.

                  That is why it is essential to know what Google is looking for and how they classify sites.

                  Statistics tell us that less than 10% of all internet users will go to page two of an internet search, so knowing how to rank on page one is essential to even be seen.

                  The world of purchasing has also changed due to the internet. More and more purchases, especially during the COVID-19 era, are being made online. Since people are foregoing heading out with their masks for everyday items, making your presence known online has become the only way to make or break it. So, do you know how to get Google to love your website and rank it highly? Here are the secrets you need to know to have Google fall for you.

                  How SEO Works

                  Search engine optimization is a digital strategy used to ensure that your website is ranking highly when someone does an organic search on Google. When someone types in a keyword or key phrase, Google’s algorithm goes to work matching the sites that rank the best for that search. Keywords are critical for the success of your business because, as mentioned before, people rarely go to page two of a search. People tend to correlate the best companies with the highest rankings on Google and an usually find what they want on page 1.

                  It Is All About Content

                  The phrase content is king is the number one rule for SEO. The content on your website is what Google uses to match you with what people are searching for. It isn’t a once and done proposition either. Google is continually updating and reranking sites, which is why new content and updating are so important. Things like blogs or articles that you refresh continually provide recent, trending, and relevant content to trigger Google to say, hey this website has the best info for this search.

                  For instance, things like having recent information about COVID-19 or even school openings, are all seasonal or timely. Timely content signals to Google that your website is up-to-date and relevant. That is why finding keywords that your likely audience will be searching for is so critical to the SEO process.

                  Link Positioning and Backlinks

                  Google classifies and ranks the number and quality of links, along with your content to rank your site. If you have authoritative site linking or highly credible links, Google assumes that you must also have credible information on your site. The more credible links you have that then link back to your website, the more credibility you gain and the higher your ranking soars.

                  There are various ways to get quality backlinks. One way is to offer sites and blog links in exchange for websites linking back to your site. Things like having guests posts, where you can insert a link to your page, or even being interviewed for information and quoted with a link, are all good ways to gain useful backlinks to your site.

                  Keywords and Updating

                  Business owners need to have clear and concise words and phrases that their consumer base will use to search for their product or service embedded on their website. Those words are then used as content in both static pages, like landing pages, and in recent articles, like blogs.

                  When you work with an SEO professional, they will also have ways to input geographical location words to signal local Google searches, and long-tailed keywords, which are strings of words that people will likely input to find you. It is also very important to know what your competitors are doing and the content they are using to draw in their customers.

                  Keeping an eye on others in your industry is a great way to gain knowledge. And also, to see content in a different and useful way that you might not have come up with on your own.

                  Getting the Most Out of Your Web Design, Means Targeted SEO

                  It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to pour a ton of money into creating and designing your website if no one will ever see it. Although you want to make it attractive, you also have to create it with Google in mind. Fast loading speeds, mobile-friendly design, ease of use, and content are all things that go into making Google love your website as much as your clients do. After all, Google is the gatekeeper, so make sure to flood those gates by making Google love your website.

                  Eight Benefits of SEO for Small Business Websites

                  For small businesses, especially in the current COVID-19 era, SEO is a long-term strategy that has become a must. Statistics tell us that only about 2% of internet users will go to page two of an organic internet search. That means if you aren’t found on page one, then you are likely not to be found at all.

                  And the lower you come up in an internet search, the less traffic you drive to your website. The good news is that it doesn’t take a whole lot to further your rankings, especially for small businesses. Unfortunately, SEO strategy planning isn't free. And, if you still aren’t sold, these are eight of the biggest benefits to invest in SEO for your business website.

                  1. SEO Builds Brand Awareness

                  Brand awareness is the process of familiarizing yourself with the public so that they become accustomed to seeing your brand, and therefore, when they need your product, they are more apt to think of you versus the competition. Your presence as a company on Google is highly critical to your success.

                  And the higher you rank on an internet search, the more you will be seen and build brand awareness. When you are recognized more over the competition, there is a greater likelihood that a customer will choose your company over others.

                  2. Search Engine Optimization Makes Your Website More Convenient and Faster

                  Google cares very much about the user-friendly nature of websites and rewards those sites that are easy to navigate by ranking them higher. So to get your website to rank highest, you have to put time and effort into making your website as convenient, quick, and satisfying to the user as possible.

                  That not only ranks you higher than your competitors; it gives internet users a favorable opinion about your website and your product. And it also gives you a better chance that your viewers will convert to customers by following through with purchasing your product or using your service.

                  3. SEO Helps You Beat Competitors

                  The best thing that the internet does is level the playing field for small and large businesses. Even if your competitors are bigger than you, with a good SEO strategy, you can excel. If you invest wisely in your SEO strategy, you can rank higher, surpassing even more well-known and established companies. When you rank higher, you are more likely to build brand awareness that will set you apart and target your niche market over larger competitors.

                  4. Enhanced Conversion Rates

                  When your website is optimized for SEO, it loads quickly and it is easier to navigate. And being optimized also means that your website is mobile-friendly and compatible with other mobile devices, which means that you can attract a greater audience. When you cannot just attract, but hold users by reducing bounce rates, you are more likely to convert them from viewer to customer.

                  When the consumer can find all that they need at their fingertips without having to search, they are more apt to subscribe and sign up for things as well. When you can entice viewers to give you their information to sign up for promotions or information, then you can further your e-mail marketing, which is also highly critical to the success of your company.

                  Also, when you understand who your audience is, you can better target things that attract them, which will help to drive the organic traffic that you might not get otherwise.

                  5. Search Engine Optimization Helps you Find New Customers

                  Statistics say that the growth of any small business is as much as two times quicker when they have a presence online. So regardless of what industry you are in, you have customers who are waiting to be found online. The goal of digital marketing is to find potential new customers and that is accomplished by ranking above competitors and making it easy for people to find you.

                  6. Search Engine Optimization Will Drive More Targeted Traffic

                  One of the best tools that you have at your disposal is keywords. They tell you what potential customers are searching for. And once you know what your target audience is actually looking for, in terms of words, you can use those words and phrases to match yourself to them.

                  Being able to pinpoint and target your audience is one of the very best SEO techniques you have at your disposal. When you know what content you need to attract your audience, you aren’t just throwing things out hoping that they will stick. You are using your time and resources on something that you know will work. When you have the right beacons on your static pages for customers to find you, they will.

                  7. SEO is Highly Cost-Effective

                  Small businesses typically don’t have an extensive budget for their marketing efforts. That is why bigger companies tend to hold a bigger presence. But if you use your SEO dollars wisely, then it takes very little to make a big impact. PPC or Pay Per Click ads are an effective avenue for you to attract potential clients, but often, it is an expense that not many smaller companies can afford.

                  The good news is that an effective SEO strategy doesn’t involve paying for advertising, it is a way to use free tools and knowledge to further your efforts. If you can get your website to rank higher, then you won’t need to pay for advertising – your presence in organic searches will be enough for you to achieve success.

                  8. The Results of an Effective SEO Strategy are Long-Lasting

                  When you invest in online ads, they are usually only effective as long as you pay for them. Once they are taken down, their effect is over. Investing in SEO has a much longer effect and will help to drive new customers and traffic to your site for the long-term.

                  A digital marketing strategy is not an automatic win; it is a slow and steady wins the race type of strategy that will have you reaping the benefits long after the hard work is over. Once you raise brand awareness, increase your presence, and drive traffic through targeted tools, you have the foundation to continue to grow exponentially with nothing more than upkeep and tweaking.

                  SEO is a process, and sometimes a slow one, but the benefits are numerous and long-lasting. You might not see results today, tomorrow, or even next week, but once you do, the benefits are numerous and extend well into the future with very little needed.

                  Contact Fu Dog Media today to discuss how we can rank your website higher, increase your online presence, and drive new viewers who will convert to customers today.

                  SEO and PPC Management—The Ultimate Power Couple

                  SEO is a must for your company, but it takes time to move your target keywords up the search ranking pages. The goal of SEO is to rank your website for highly coveted keywords that will affect your bottom line. If you can include PPC as part of your search engine marketing budget, you can affect your leads coming in immediately. That’s why a mix of PPC and SEO can be awesome together.

                  Search Engine Marketing – Where do you start?

                  The best way to develop long-term digital success is to adopt a marketing strategy that combines the power of SEO practices alongside Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC). SEO works by increasing the visibility of your site through rankings. That is achieved by using things like keywords and keyphrases to signal search engines when someone is organically searching to find something within your industry. And it also takes quality content that is both informative and useful to the reader. Some key factors in SEO are:

                  • External Links – Backlinks from numerous internet sources that help to foster more credibility and relevance between your site and a specific audience or niche market
                  • On-Page Optimization – Using keyword density and metadata that will point search engines directly to your site
                  • Off-Page OptimizationMeasures that can be taken outside of your website in order to improve its position in search rankings
                  • Online Reputation – Reviews around the web on listings such as Google My Business, Yelp, Facebook, TripAvisor, etc.
                  • Page Speed Optimization
                  • Mobile Responsiveness

                  PPC Ad Management

                  With PPC, you’re dealing with a strategy, whereby, you pay for advertising only when followers directly click an ad on Google, Bing, Social Media sites, retargeting or other paid advertising sites.

                  This type of digital marketing strategy has a high likelihood of success if your ads are properly managed, tested, tracked, evaluated and adjusted. Pay per click fees are worth it IF you get the leads and convert them to justify the expense. SEO and PPC both help to enhance the exposure of your website. SEO helps you show up in organic search results just below Google Map listings, and PPC helps you show your ad at the top of Google search results.

                  So, Why Combine SEO & PPC?

                  The reason that you should incorporate SEO and PPC is that you get maximum exposure with successful PPC and SEO campaigns. You can double the chance of click-throughs to your website by showing up both in the number one ranking in organic results and on the ad for search queries. SEO also impacts if you show up in the Google Map listings as well. If you have a properly designed website, it will be designed for maximum conversions when visitors go to your site. More on that below.

                  Challenges Specific to Small Business

                  Small businesses have the challenge of building both their audience and their reputation when starting up. PPC and SEO combined are an excellent way to both gain visibility and to rapidly enhance it at the same time. When you combine targeted PPC adverts with high ranking for keywords simultaneously, you provide two different modalities to establish your site as an authority in your industry. And once you have users, you can start converting visitors into leads.

                  Benefits of Conversion Rate Optimization

                  Driving consumers to view your site is only half of the battle; you have to make sure that they find the advertising promised via your meta-descriptions and PPC adverts. Getting them there is not enough; you have to keep them there. The key analytic you want to pay attention to is the “bounce rate”. The bounce rate is how many visitors leave your site before they engage. It is the measure of how successful your strategy is working. Factors like load time or aesthetics can both increase the bounce rate, leading to poorer outcomes.

                  How to Entice the Consumer

                  The trick is to make it easy for your customers to convert by guiding them through the process. To do that you have to consider four key aspects:

                  • How well does your content connect with the consumer – how easily is it understood?
                  • Is your link making navigating your site easier?
                  • Does the design of your site reflect your company’s intention, and, more importantly, is it what the consumer is looking for?
                  • Is everything on your site operating correctly – do you have any dead pages that can lead to frustration?

                  Successful Digital Marketing includes Both SEO & PPC

                  Since digital marketing is not an exact science, there is always a built-in element of chance. The key is to minimize it through a successful combination of using SEO and PPC. If you keep in mind the user’s focus and experience, understand that it is not static, and follow the strategies outlined above, you will position yourself to have the best digital marketing campaign possible for success.

                  At Fu Dog Media, our goal is to create the most effective digital marketing campaign, using all the weapons in our arsenal including SEO & PPC. Contact us today to discuss how we can get your website on the road to success with a successful digital marketing campaign that uses both SEO and PPC.

                  Local Charleston SEO— And How You Can Dominate Google!

                  Competition is fierce—Local Charleston SEO is the Answer.

                  Anyone who owns and operates a business in Charleston understands that there is fierce commerce competition. If you want to be out ahead of your competitors, then ranking high on a Google search is key and local Charleston SEO is the answer. Statistics say that as many as 90-97% of all internet users don’t ever go to page two of an internet search. Therefore, if you aren’t found on page one, it is likely you won’t be found at all. Hiring a local Charleston SEO professional is the best way to drive traffic to your website, and ultimately, to your establishment!

                  Targeting Specific Keywords and Keyphrases with Local SEO

                  The way that search engines work is they take keywords and keyphrases that internet viewers use in their search and match them to the most likely suitable website. If you have the right ones in your content, then your target audience can find you. If you don’t, then they probably won’t. A local Charleston SEO expert can help you to identify what phrases and words you need to help Google match internet searchers find you so that you pop up first.

                  Create Great Content

                  Google is constantly and continually sorting, classifying, and reclassifying websites. So the best way to get your webpage ranked highly is by continually using the right content to trigger Google. Since you can’t change the static information on your webpage, a blog is a necessary tool to drive traffic to your website. But the content on your blog has to be top notch. Sure, you can write your own blog, but just because you can doesn’t mean you should. A local Charleston SEO professional understands how to use content in a blog to help get your website ranked higher so that your audience can find you. View our blogging packages here.

                  local charleston SEO google my business

                  Google My Business

                  If you aren’t fully using tools like Google my Business to drive people to your website and to you, then you are missing out on a huge opportunity to show up in an internet search ahead of others. Local Charleston SEO experts know how to use all the latest tips and tricks in the industry to get your website looked at and ranked highly. Google works very hard to stay ahead of the game and maintain its relevance. And if you aren’t keeping up with Google, you can’t keep your ranking up. That is the main job of an SEO expert, to know what you don’t and to be one step ahead of Google and your competition. Having great reviews on your Google My Business Page will help you get seen too. (Just check out ours for proof!)

                  Hiring an SEO Professional

                  Not all SEO professionals are the same. When hiring one, make sure that they have a proven track record of getting their clients to page one and keeping them there. A true professional should not only be able to tell you how they are going to get you ranked higher, they should be able to prove that they can. After all, the proof will be in where you rank and how much traffic they can drive your way, which should translate into your bottom line.

                  If you aren’t coming up on page one of an internet search, you aren’t being seen.

                  And if you don’t how to change that, a local Charleston SEO expert does. Their job is to use all the internet tools available to drive traffic not just to your website but to your front door. Fu Dog is a proven expert in the SEO industry, and we know how to get you ahead of your competitors and how to keep you there. Contact us today to discuss where your website ranks now and where you would like it to be in the future. Get a free SEO audit and get started!

                  Getting to the top of Google with South Carolina SEO

                  South Carolina SEO
                  Generate Leads and Grow Your Business

                  You may be wondering what the secret is to getting to the top of South Carolina SEO. Or if you live outside of the Palmetto State, how you can get to the top of search engines.

                  No matter where you are, the process is the same. To get great SEO rankings anywhere, there are a few main things you need to consider. We've laid out the top 5 SEO tactics that you need to tackle below:

                  south carolina seo company

                  1. Target the Right Keywords

                  When you start any SEO campaign it's important that first, you do keyword research. A reputable SEO company near you will probably ask you what your goal is and what keywords or phrases you are after. That data is then taken to do keyword research and figure out which keywords are the best targets.

                  You'll want to target high volume keywords that people are searching for a lot for your particular business.

                  2. Create Great Content

                  Content is still king. Google and other search engines crawl every inch of your site so it's important for your website to have great content. If you really cater to your target customer and think about what they want and what information they are looking for, you will be able to craft engaging content that ranks high.

                  Creating regular blog posts is a great way to build depth on your website and drive traffic. You can craft your blogs to focus on specific target keywords to continue your quest for ranking high on search engines.

                  3. Mobile Responsiveness & Speed

                  Your website design should be mobile responsive—over 60% of users are accessing your website from their phone, so a great mobile experience is paramount to your SEO strategy. Google will actually penalize your rankings for your site not being mobile responsive.

                  If you haven't updated your website design in a while it may be time to refresh your design to keep up with the latest standards.

                  4. Boost Your Backlinks

                  Backlinks are still a huge part of SEO rankings. If you want to rank high, you should have hundreds and even thousands of links on websites that “link back” to your website. Having your company listed on websites with high domain authority (usually big sites with lots of traffic) will give you great backlinks.

                  Social media profiles, business directory listings (like Yelp, YP, and Tripadvisor), news sites (via press releases) are just a few places you can get great backlinks for your site.

                  5. Track Your Data

                  Your website data, rankings and traffic should be tracked during your SEO campaign, so you can make adjustments to your South Carolina SEO strategy as you go. Knowledge is power, and knowing exactly where you are ranked for your target keywords will help you improve your website's visibility over time. For SEO beginners, MOZ has a great beginner's guide to refer to.

                  Remember that SEO is an investment that takes time. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Same thing with SEO.

                  Finally, Hire the Right South Carolina SEO Company

                  SEO is a tremendous undertaking for DIY business owners. In many cases the entire SEO budget can be paid for with a just few jobs. SEO will generate revenue for years to come once you’ve invested the time, money and effort into it.

                  Call Fu Dog Media today or fill out our contact form to get started on your South Carolina SEO project.

                  What is SEO and why do I need it? Your Questions Answered

                  You may know absolutely nothing about SEO or you might know enough to be dangerous. SEO is all about finding the best ways to raise your rank in the search engines for target keywords related to your company's business and services.

                  The goal is to increase traffic to your site, increasing your overall visibility on the web, and in turn, converting that traffic into customers. However, there is more to SEO than just choosing the right keywords or keyword phrases. SEO changes daily, and Fu Dog Media keeps up with the current trends and Google best practices to get you ranked high on search engines.

                  View SEO Plans >

                  How Does Search Engine Optimization Work?  

                  Search engines like Google have two major functions: crawling your website and building giving search users a ranked list of the websites they've determined are the best results for that particular search. Google is trying to give their users the absolute best information available when you say, “Siri, what's the best pizza near me?”

                  So SEO in layman's terms is the process of making your website design and content the best it can be and crafting it carefully to get you ranked for all the keywords/phrases that you want to target. We do this by asking ourselves, what does your target customer want?

                  Does SEO actually work?

                  Remember those big yellow books of phone numbers? They don't work anymore. No one wants to flip through a phone book. Instead, they ask their phone or type a search on their computer OR ask their social networks. When you go out and about, pay attention to social interaction. It has changed. People always have their phone handy at a restaurant, a bar, and walking down the street. 

                  So yes, SEO does work when done properly. The average person searches for something 20-30 times per day. You need to be a part of those searches.

                  What does Fu Dog offer in its monthly SEO plans?

                  Basically, our goal is to get you ranked on the first page of Google. We use in-depth SEO audit tools to analyze your site, your competitors, your visibility (%) on the web, where your keywords are ranked, reputation, and more. We then take that data and go to work.

                  We'll craft content for your site, create blogs, press releases, tweak on-site optimization, build backlinks (links on reputable sites back to your site), and more each month.

                  Those monthly deliverables include:

                  1. Content writing
                  2. Blog writing
                  3. On-site optimization
                  4. Off-site optimization
                  5. Link Building & Directory Listings
                  6. Reputation Monitoring
                  7. Ongoing SEO Audits
                  8. In-depth Reporting
                  9. Google Analytics Data
                  10. And Much More.

                  Keeping Up With SEO

                  It's a full-time task to keep up with all the new algorithms and rules for SEO. That's why so many businesses turn to professional SEO service companies like Fu Dog Media. We make your marketing easier because we handle all the hard stuff. Call us today at 843.608.8777 or contact us to learn more about our services.

                  Want to read more about SEO? Moz has a fantastic guide for Beginners. Click here to check that out.

                  We offer SEO to Charleston, SC and nationwide as well as SEO for the Caribbean!

                  But I don’t have time for a new website or SEO.

                  We’ve heard every excuse in the book for not building a professional website design or focusing efforts on Search Engine Optimization.

                  We have heard it over and over throughout the years from busy entrepreneurs—”I don’t have time to work on my website because {insert excuse here}.” Also, “I don’t need SEO. I have plenty of business.”

                  Or my favorite, “SEO is expensive.”

                  You’re right SEO IS expensive. It’s so expensive that it’s costing you, not the price of your package from your SEO company, but it is costing you thousands and thousands of dollars in lost revenue. Every time you do not come up in the search engine results, you are losing money. Think about the amount of searches for services exactly like yours that you have zero chance at. The numbers will blow your mind if you really think about it.

                  Your money is online. SEO and Web Design help you get there.

                  We’ve also heard from the same people that their leads are drying up and the phone hasn’t been ringing. Sigh.

                  If you own a business, you need a website. If you own a business, you need SEO. Even if you are already busy with all the referrals you can handle, you need a website and you need SEO.

                  But, why do I need a professional website and SEO if I’m already busy?

                  • Professionalism – No website? Then you’re already behind the 8 ball. As soon as you get compared online by a customer, you lose to the company who has a pro website.
                  • Referrals are not guaranteed  No matter how big you build your referral network, they can dry up and they can slow down. If anything, when referrals are great it is the exact time to attack your online presence because you want to build a sustainable growing business.
                  • Dominance – Some people are in business to do just enough to get by. Some people want to be the best and dominate their field. If you’re the latter, then you want to dominate the search engine every time someone types in a keyword related to your business. Think it’s not important and you can wait for your search rankings to organically grow? Over 90% of searchers never go past the first page of Google Results!
                  • Quality of Customers – You can serve customer A or customer B. Customer A is cheap, complains and ends up costing you in the long run. Customer B is your perfect customer. Customer B spends money, doesn’t complain, wants results, and is willing to pay for them. With the right online strategy, the right customers come to you. There is a point as a business where you take everything you can get for survival, and there is also a point as a business that you get to define who your customer is. A professional web design and top Google page rankings is a big piece of that puzzle.
                  • Selling Your Business – Being at the top of Google with an amazing online presence adds value to your business and down the road, if you do decide to sell, your buyer will be very happy that you have spent the time and money on dominating with your online presence.
                  • The money is online – Whose got your money? The people holding cell phones, typing on laptops, and browsing through tablets. They’ve got your money. Are you connecting with them? When they ask, “who is the best company in Charleston for {insert service here}?” are you coming up?

                  So, should you have SEO and a Professional Website Design?

                  I could honestly go on for hours, maybe days on all the reasons that you should have a professional website design and search engine optimization. The end results if you are working with the best of the best in web design and SEO are fantastic. Being on the first page of Google can change your entire business. This isn’t a sales pitch for Fu Dog Media. This is just simple truth. If you want to be a dominant force in your industry, you should do the things that will make you dominant.

                  You’re not too busy. Make the time to be great.

                  5 Reasons You Should Skip the DIY Website Builders

                  Your business deserves more than an average DIY Website Builders

                  Being in this business for a quite some time now, we’ve heard just about everything. One thing that comes up often is potential clients turning down a website proposal in favor of a DIY website builder like Wix, Weebly, or SquareSpace. There’s definitely a market for these and it makes sense for startup companies on a shoestring budget. Most of them are pretty easy to use and they will get you online quickly.

                  Just like many things in life though, you get what you pay for, or don’t pay for in this case. There are many reasons to avoid DIY website builders, but we’re going to give you our top 5 below.

                  • 1. Templates Versus Custom Website Design – “I’m just going to do it myself.” – With all of these DIY builders you choose a template that 100’s or 1000’s before you have picked, you add your logo, some pictures, some text, and voila…new website. So easy right? But, you put a lot of thought into your company before you decided to start it. Is your website sending out the right message? Does it appeal to your target market? Are you saying the right things to convert traffic into leads or sales? Chances are you are missing out on a lot of conversions which means you are missing out on a lot of revenue.
                  • 2. SEO and Design is Limited on Website Builders – “I can handle SEO. I’ve Googled it.” – With every DIY website builder, you only have access to so many parts of your site. You can’t get into the core files, you don’t own them, and you can’t move them when you’re ready. What that also means is you can’t properly optimize your site for search engines. At least not the way you can with a custom design on your own hosting account. You are also limited on design options and features. Doing it yourself equals lost rankings and lost revenue.
                  • 3. Scalability – “I think I’ve outgrown my site.” – As your company grows, you will have different needs. Can your website scale with your business? Most likely with a website builder, you are going to realize that the answer is no. Which means, wasted time building a website you aren’t going to keep on a platform that you will have to transfer. Anything you have built on the old website builder, you’ll have to recreate with your new web designer. If you have the budget, build your website the right way from the beginning.
                  • 4. UX (User Experience) – “Look how pretty my website is.” – Using a website builder, your UX will suffer. Why? Because you’re limited to your template and your likely limited design skills. Can you create graphics and edit photos like a professional? For most people, the answer is no. Google has a certain set of standards it likes to see with the way your copy is organized on a page as well and your rankings are partially determined by your website’s readability. There’s a lot more factors than just a nice looking site. A website has to give users a certain experience and feeling that will turn them into a customer.
                  • 5. Time is Money –“I give up. I need a professional!” – As a business owner, our time should be spent on growing the business, selling product, making relationships, etc. Business owners can be bogged down by so many things and wearing so many hats that the business suffers. It is time consuming to build your own website and try to figure out if you are doing things the right way.

                  Heard Enough? Allow Us to Create Your New Website!

                  Our team of experts at Fu Dog Media can handle your website makeover on your behalf. We will first identify your current areas of concern and then work directly with you to create a strategic plan to redesign and revamp it accordingly. Give us a call today so we can get started!

                  Why You Need to Update Your Website Regularly

                  If you’re wondering why you need WordPress care or a solid maintenance plan, here are 6 reasons why:

                  • 1. Content Marketing—Fresh published content and consistency in adding content is king
                    One reason customers will keep coming back to your pages is to check out fresh content on your pages. If you don’t have new posts on your Instagram or Facebook pages, customers might take that as a sign that the business isn’t active and that their inquiries might go nowhere, prompting them to abandon your pages and look elsewhere. If your website is stale and never changes, Google doesn’t put priority on your site, as they are trying to give the latest and greatest and most relevant info to their searchers.
                  • 2. Website Security
                    Website can become vulnerable to hackers if not updated each month. Plugins, WordPress, and other security measures must be updated each month to ensure your website is safe.
                  • 3. Visual appeal—staying up-to-date
                    Websites these days don’t look like the website designs we had ten or fifteen years ago. That’s why a WordPress maintenance plan is crucial. If you don’t want your pages to come out looking outdated and boring—and sending potential customers scurrying to your competition—you’ll want to look for maintenance care and assistance to keep your pages looking current and up to date.
                  • 4. SEO – Consistency in building depth
                    The more depth you add to your website, the better. Search engines like great content and they will reward you for having awesome information on your website. Want to be the top pest control company in your area? Start a blog and write weekly tips and tricks to your audience. This will give you content rich, keyword laced articles that search engines will gobble up!
                  • 5. Keep It Mobile friendly
                    Your pages must be optimized for mobile devices. If that isn’t the case yet, then you’re putting limits on your target market. With so many people these days going online using their mobile phones or tablets, it makes sense to ensure your pages are mobile friendly. That’s going to ensure access to a bigger consumer base, one that’s important if you want to grow your business and expand market reach.
                  • 6. Image quality
                    One of the worst mistakes people often make when they fix their own pages is that they put low-resolution images on their sites or their images file sizes are too big. If you want professional results, engaging the services of a team of digital marketing experts will ensure the photography used—along with other aspects of your site—will draw customers in.

                  Don’t waste your online resources. At Fu Dog Media, we can provide you with the kind of website maintenance services and help you need, from marketing campaigns that would continue to drive steady traffic to your pages to site changes and updates that would keep your business competitive. Learn more by getting in touch with us today.

                  Invest in a care plan today.

                  Google Reviews and How They Affect Your SEO and Reputation

                  Online Reputation Management

                  For plenty of consumers out there, it’s standard practice these days to go online and check out feedback and reviews before buying a product or paying for a service. As more and more platforms and review sites pop up, providing handy avenues through which people could freely express their views and warn others of dodgy entrepreneurs, ensuring your business has positive reviews and feedback is essential, now more than ever.

                  • How do positive reviews help?
                    When people do a search on Google, the reviews, ratings and even the comments that appear along with the top results in the SERPs can affect the way their searches go. Those on top of the list will have the best click-through rates. If yours appear with high ratings or positive reviews, then that’s going to improve traffic to your pages as well. People, after all, are much more likely to click on your site when they see those high ratings in tow. Search Engine Land Land says positive reviews encourage potential consumers to put greater trust in a business.If you’re new to the business and just starting out, one way to draw in potential customers to your site is through high Google reviews.
                  • Why Google reviews?
                    While there are a host of other sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor, Google reviews seem to carry greater weight with consumers. These are seen to be much more reliable and trustworthy. That’s essential when you’re trying to build up a brand and business. How do you get customers to choose your product or service against all the competition out there? By building trust. Positive reviews from a reliable source like Google help generate that trust. By improving on your Google reviews, you could easily promote your brand and business to your target market or segment.
                  • Where to get help?
                    At Fu Dog Media, we can help you get the kind of results that would put your business right on the map. Since every new business faces the challenge of trying to build brand awareness and recognition, getting on top of those results will be central to your marketing success. Our digital online marketing team understands that. With a team of trained, experienced and skilled professionals on your side, we can help improve consumer interest in your product or service and generate more traffic to increase your conversions and sales.

                  Want to know how? Contact us for an appointment today.

                  Why You Need Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

                  We get asked all the time by our clients and prospective clients why they need SEO?

                  By the time we’re done explaining, they get it and they are on board. Those who don’t understand SEO, don’t want it. So we’ll do our best to explain it here.

                  The majority of web traffic is driven by the major search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo!. Although there are other referral sources for your website traffic like social media, search engines are the primary method of navigation for most desktop and mobile internet users.

                  • But, I have a great website design—Isn’t that good enough?
                    Many times, people say, “I have a great website design, but no one is contacting us.” Well, great web design is only part of the solution. The website has to be found and studies show that the majority of internet searches don’t even move past the first page of Google results. If you have a website for your business or an e-commerce site, SEO is a must to improve your page rankings across all search engines. Your traffic will increase as your rankings increase. Your authority and image coming up on the first page of Google establishes your company as a real player in your particular field.
                  • Read the excerpt from MOZ below:
                    Search queries—the words that users type into the search box—carry extraordinary value. Experience has shown that search engine traffic can make (or break) an organization’s success. Targeted traffic to a website can provide publicity, revenue, and exposure like no other channel of marketing. Investing in SEO can have an exceptional rate of return compared to other types of marketing and promotion.
                  • So what does it mean?
                  • It means that SEO is great investment. Why? Because unlike Search Engine Marketing and paid ads, SEO is not an endless outgoing stream of money. You build it up, then you maintain it with great content, getting great reviews on reputable sites, keeping up with social engagement, blogging and other avenues.

                  For more on SEO, check out the Moz “Beginner’s Guide to SEO”, as it offers great information to help you better understand why you must optimize your site for search engines.


                  We’re just as excited about growing your business as you are.