Creating a Powerful Web Design & SEO for Roofing Companies

The roofing industry is a very specific niche market when it comes to connecting with potential customers and industry contractors, which is why having a successful digital marketing strategy is so critical to your overall survival. With the right content and website design, you can relay to the consumer and the industry around you, exactly what advantages you have to offer and what others can learn from connecting.

Replacing a roof is a significant investment for many home and commercial property owners. And it requires that you establish a high level of trust to beat out competitors. That trust all begins at your website, making things like mobile-friendly ease, quick loading time, eye-catching graphics, and valuable content so essential.

Case Study – The Success of Powell Roofing

When the owner of Powell Roofing approached us at Fu Dog Media, he was looking for both a new website design creation and an SEO strategy. Within a couple of years, along with excellent craftsmanship and reputation, we were able to help Powell Roofing become the leading roofing company in the Charleston area.

He ranked highest for over 162 keywords on Google and 117 on Bing, and we increased his website visibility by 112%. Fu Dog Media worked to drive customers to his website and convert those viewers to customers. And, from there, his excellent roofing expertise did the rest.

Creating a Visually Appealing and User-Friendly Roofing Website Design

The first step to your online presence is the impressiveness of your website design. The website is the first impression you make with potential business partners and customers. And, unfortunately, you only get one chance to make a first impression. Therefore, you want your website not only to be as professional and innovative as possible; you want it to represent your brand.

People get distracted easily, and too much information or visual display can be overwhelming, so leaving a lot of blank space is an excellent way to retain their attention. When placing images, make sure to use the highest-quality, professional high-resolution photos only. Videos are also an excellent way to bring your service alive and capture the attention of viewers.

When it comes to content, make sure to keep it short and concise. Break up your verbiage with subheadings or bullet points to get your point across and to make it easy to digest. Also, make sure that the site is easy to navigate and find answers to viewer questions, along with ways to contact you. Ideally, visitors should only have to click twice or less to find what they are looking for. And loading speed is extremely important, people have very little patience and if your website takes too long, they will probably bounce to your competitor.

Use a Responsive Website Design

Internet users have a vast number of ways to peruse the web including smartphones, mobile devices, and tablets, especially when searching for products and services. It is highly critical that your website be both functional and accessible across various mobile devices.

A responsive website design will ensure that your webpages are user-friendly regardless of which type of device a potential customer chooses. Responsive sites automatically adjust to any screen without cutting things or losing elements of design. Statistics tell us that mobile-optimized web pages convert viewers to customers at a much higher rate.

Your Homepage is Your Best Selling Tool

Your homepage is the most critical part of your internet selling tool. The landing page should represent your brand, be impressive, and clearly convey your mission. The content should also be concise, intelligent, and should resonate well with your market niche.

Adding things like customer testimonials and success stories is a great way to capture a viewer’s trust quickly. The average viewer will only give you about 5 seconds before they decide to stay or bounce to another page. So your homepage has to capture and convince them to look further and stay put.

Content Must be Readable, Engaging and Valuable

Once you have created your design and chosen your images and graphics, it is time to focus on content. Your content can be a very powerful marketing tool, but only if it gives value, is easy to read, and is relative to the reader. Things like how-to, informational articles, and blog posts are all ways to establish yourself as an authority in the roofing industry. And with authority comes trust, which is what you are ultimately trying to build.

Web pages should contain specific keywords and keyphrases, but they can’t appear to be nonsensical or stuffed, or you run the risk of giving the feeling that you are trying to manipulate the reader. Try to use a conversational approach that will resonate with both other businesses and potential consumers.

Keep your content clear and concise without a lot of filler and beware of boring or long pages that will bore the reader and have them losing interest. As a general rule, the information on your page should be easy to digest in just a couple of minutes and have subheadings and bullet points that people can skim. The pages should also contain links to authority sites for the reader who wants to delve deeper.

seo for roofing companies
seo for roofing companies

Other tips:

  • Limit technical, confusing, or industry jargon that will be lost on the average reader
  • Use interesting images and quotes, highlight key points, and break things up so that people can skip around
  • Use easy to read fonts and color schemes, and keep an uncluttered appearance throughout

About Us is All About Building Trust

The about us page is where you really want to build trust with the viewer. It is where you want to showcase your business and give your mission and the backstory about who you are and why you do what you do. Try to stay away from business jargon and cliches and be personable by adding images of your company and your team.

You want people to get a glimpse of the people behind the scenes so they make a connection with you personally. People want to know exactly who will be working on their roof, not just faceless names, so outline your team with bios. Also, make sure that your contact information is easy to find including phone number, address, online contact form, and any social media buttons you have for people to follow you. The about us page is all about building trust and brand familiarity, which breeds brand loyalty.

Showcase Completed or Ongoing Roofing Projects

Completed or ongoing jobs are an excellent way to showcase your work and to establish trust with the viewer. It is also a good idea to offer tips and tricks for homeowners. People want to see videos and images of roofing projects that you have done. When it comes to content, make it intelligent enough that it gives useful information that people will find valuable.

For instance, talk about the differences between metal and shingle roofing, use statistics about the lifespan of various roofing materials and their cost, and outline the differences and advantages that each offers. People want to feel as if you are providing them valuable information to make a good roofing decision.

Call to Actions – A MUST

Driving traffic to your website is only half of the battle, converting viewers to customers is where the magic happens. A CTA or call to action helps encourage the viewer to reach out and make contact. Strategically placed contact buttons and links are a great way to entice the viewer to follow through to sign up for promotions, give you their email for marketing purposes, or follow you via social media.

Your website is one of your best sales and marketing tools, which is why it is critical to do all the things necessary to not just get people to your site, but also to keep them there. With the right website design, you can further your SEO efforts and help to convert viewers to customers or partners with ease. Contact Fu Dog Media to discuss how we can catapult your online presence and your bottom line today.


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