Four Surefire Ways to Hire the Right SEO Company

Although anyone can technically call themselves an SEO pro, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they actually are. With COVID behind us and the economy returning to full speed ahead, now is an excellent time to increase your presence on the internet. That takes more than a do-it-yourself approach to SEO. It takes hiring an SEO company in Charleston, SC that not only knows what they are doing, but has a proven track record for getting results.

Do you know the signs to look for that you are hiring the right SEO company in Charleston, SC? Knowing what to look for can make the difference between mediocrity and mastery.

Many business owners dabble in SEO practices. Why dabble? Just like every other part of your business practices, SEO is one of the most critical components to gaining local exposure on the web. Outsourcing your SEO means that you don’t have to pay someone full-time, and it also means that you are hiring a company that specializes in one thing: doing SEO right.

Any smart business-minded person knows that the key to success is doing what you do best and delegating the rest to the best in their respective fields, which includes SEO. When you hire an expert SEO company in Charleston, they can:

  • Begin implementing a targeted and highly effective SEO campaign from day one
  • Save money by spending your resources only on strategies that get the most for your advertising and marketing money
  • Broaden your brand’s online reach by using all channels available
  • Prevent the potential of being flagged by Google or other companies for SEO errors that can end up with huge penalties
  • Explain what your analytics mean in practical and useful terms that translate

As with any service you need, the key is finding a true expert. Sometimes that is harder than it might seem. Many SEO companies claim to be the best, but the proof is in the results, statistics, and leads or sales. Actions and results speak way louder than words, so make sure that your SEO company can deliver what they say they can!

Often people wonder if online reviews and ratings are real or if there is some way to fabricate them. Sure, you can go to some pretty great lengths to mess with online reviews and ratings, especially those generated by Google. But an SEO company, however good they are, is still guided by the same rules as everyone else, and there is really no way to manipulate what customers are saying, have said, or will say besides by doing a good job and earning good reviews and for people to actually rate you highly.

As any SEO professional will tell you, it is critical to build your reputation online, and that can only come from doing the legwork, putting in the hard work, getting results, and above all, making good on promises. If an SEO company is rated highly, it is because they are getting their clients the traction and exposure that they promised.

Following this logic, if the key to hiring an SEO company is for them to rank you highly so people see you first, what does it say for them if you can’t even find them through an organic search? An SEO company that knows all the ways to gain exposure and get their clients ranked highly would definitely do SEO for their own website.

Statistics tell us that 98% of all internet searchers will not go beyond page one to find what they are looking for. If you have to be the 2% that goes to page two to find them, then you might want to rethink your choice of SEO companies. Fu Dog Media not only tells our customers that we can increase their rankings so that they can be found on the first page; we are front and center ourselves.

We not only help to teach our clients by getting them testimonials and reviews to drive rankings and using content and other mediums to enhance exposure; we also do all of those things ourselves because we know that they work. If an SEO company tells you how to do something, but it isn’t working for them, find a company that has proven results. They are easy to find – on page one!

Charleston might be a highly populated city, but we are a close-knit one that likes to stay local. In the end all you have is your reputation, whether it is online or verbal. If you know that someone is crushing it in their internet process, look at the bottom of their website to find out who designed it. Better yet, reach out and ask who is doing their SEO marketing.

As a business owner your time might be limited, but really take the time to investigate who you hire to outsource your SEO. Often, SEO companies that want to gain exposure for themselves as well as the clients they serve will put video testimonials online so that you can hear from real-life customers – not just about how they liked the company that they worked with, but how their business profited and gained the exposure they needed to take it to the next level.

Also, if an SEO company is putting testimonials on their own page, they understand the value of video and letting people tell the story, which is an emotional grab that works every time! Don’t just assume they have the playbook; check out their actual playbook.

It is always good to see how something has played out. An excellent SEO company can show you how they took a small business from the ground floor to some amazing heights. They do that not just through testimonials, ratings, and reviews, but through real and quantifiable numbers.

SEO companies should be able to tell you how much exposure there is in real numbers, traffic conversions, keyword target results, and Google analytics. When all is said and done, people might be able to bend the truth, but numbers don’t lie.

SEO is one of those industries where claims can be easy to make but harder to prove. The best way to know how good an SEO company in Charleston is, and to know if they are the right one for you, might take a little legwork – but if they can produce the right results and gain you exposure, then the time and energy putting into seeking them out will be well worth it.

At Fu Dog Media, we don’t just throw out vague promises or generalities about what we can do. We provide the case studies, reviews, testimonials, and analytics of our success stories so you can see what we can do for you. Contact us today to discuss how we can far exceed your SEO goals.

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