Google Posts Aren’t Just About SEO, They Must Include VEO – Are you Making That Happen?


Google Posts has been around for over three years, and, honestly, up until recently, it hasn’t really made an impact.

But just like everything else Google touches, it is now slated to be one of the biggest and most significant components for your VEO, SEO, and content campaign!

Just What are Google Posts?

A Google Post is a short blip, usually anywhere from one to three hundred words, typically accompanied by an image or video that businesses can use to promote themselves online.

They are an excellent FREE tool to highlight events, promotions, and sales. After posting them, you don’t have to worry about managing or updating them, they expire after seven days! That forces the business owner to post relevant and fresh copy on a continual basis so your profile doesn’t go silent.

Internet users can see your Google Posts directly on your Google My Business listing. You can also scroll to the right or left to see up to ten posts or go to the tab marked “posts" within your GMB listing to get a glimpse of them all at once.

All located in one place, there is also a section to add the much-necessary CTA. And now you can also add insights along with each post. The new forum of Google Posts is an entirely new marketing and advertising venue to showcase your business’s products and services.

Does Engaging in Google Posts Help Your SEO?

Yes, using the full power of Google Posts is an excellent way to enhance your SEO strategy! Using the forum will help to increase your organic presence, which will lead to more clicks. And since Google Posts comes with the highly-critical CTA button, it encourages the viewer to take immediate action. And it also gives them the means to do so.

Google Posts enhance your overall SEO campaign by:

  • Encouraging organic users to click the CTA button, which in turns increases your page rankings
  • Driving traffic to other contact forms that are located on your site will increase the likelihood that viewers will follow through to reach you
  • If you link to collect data on internet users you can then use it to drive traffic over the long-term to tools on your website like your blog and other content

When you update your website with relatable and informational content, you encourage repeat visitors. And every time that someone revisits your site, it drives your page rankings higher. Google has many “Behavioral Signals” that they use when ranking your page. When you encourage an increase in your click-through rate by getting viewers to flow from your Google my Business Listing immediately to your site, that is a behavioral signal that is viewed favorably by Google. And it pushes you higher up in the rankings.

What About Voice Engine Optimization, Does Google Posts Help There?

Forecasts maintain that as many as 50% of all searches by the year 2020 will be done via VEO. So if you want to use all the tools at your disposal through GMB, it is important to keep VEO in mind.

When people use a device to search through voice recognition, it is three times more likely that it will be their mobile device. And once you use voice recognition, you are allowed to choose from three different options that appear.

If you choose to maximize your GMB with images on your listing, you are more likely to have people choose you over your competitors who do not.

Google comprises nearly 27% of smart speaker usage, which is pretty amazing considering they only had less than 8% just last year.

Also, Google Assistant currently holds the highest percentage of answered questions that are correct, according to a 2018 Stone Temple study. Since Google continues to outperform its competitors and continues to increase its market share, it will likely be the most important voice assistant tool you will need to target.

That is why keeping it in mind when building your GMB profile is so critical to your overall internet presence!

Get Ahead of the Competition now

Right now Google Assistants can provide a business’s information according to your Knowledge Graph: address, business hours and phone numbers. But with Google’s new “Speakable” avenue, in BETA, there is a high likelihood that you will see Google being able to provide the information straight from the posts. So now is the time to get ahead of the game and take advantage before your competitors catch on.

To ensure that you are getting the maximum out of your SEO campaign you have to continually include both relevant and fresh content. By using Google Posts, you can showcase your GMB listing to provide location-specific content triggers that target the right niche market. But before you start to post to your GMB listing, it is essential to claim, optimize, and clean it up! To discuss how we can help get your GMB up and running with the most success possible, contact Fu Dog Media today

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