Content’s Queen

Content’s Queen

Meet Julie Keating

Putting my thoughts down on paper has always been my first love. Although I have a background in psychology and public health, writing has become my life’s true passion. Sometimes I get to write about the subjects that I love; sometimes not so much. But one thing is for sure, when I put pen to paper – it comes from my heart and soul (yep, even when it is HVAC topics).

I started freelance writing about eleven years ago, and am very blessed to have become a part of Ben’s team. His enthusiasm and drive to always be one step better is inspiring. My job is to make you sound good on paper, and to wear many different hats and find a plethora of adjectives to do so. I have six children, so writing for me has become a way to escape and find my voice in the midst of chaos. I love what I do – this isn’t a job for me, it is my pleasure!

Julie's Favorite Things

  • Addicted to: Drama
  • Food: Sushi all the way
  • Can’t Live Without: Family
  • Hobby: Running, oh…and running
  • Drink: I am Truly a fan of Trulys
  • Book: It’s our little secret – I don’t read
  • Island: I’m a South Carolina girl – Hilton Head
  • My Happy Place: At home listening to my children’s laughter
  • Indulgence: Driving around in my Jeep, top down, no where to go…
  • Playlist: Whatever will keep me cool with my six children (doesn’t work but I will keep on trying)
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