Local Charleston SEO— And How You Can Dominate Google!

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Competition is fierce—Local Charleston SEO is the Answer.

Anyone who owns and operates a business in Charleston understands that there is fierce commerce competition. If you want to be out ahead of your competitors, then ranking high on a Google search is key and local Charleston SEO is the answer. Statistics say that as many as 90-97% of all internet users don’t ever go to page two of an internet search. Therefore, if you aren’t found on page one, it is likely you won’t be found at all. Hiring a local Charleston SEO professional is the best way to drive traffic to your website, and ultimately, to your establishment!

Targeting Specific Keywords and Keyphrases with Local SEO

The way that search engines work is they take keywords and keyphrases that internet viewers use in their search and match them to the most likely suitable website. If you have the right ones in your content, then your target audience can find you. If you don’t, then they probably won’t. A local Charleston SEO expert can help you to identify what phrases and words you need to help Google match internet searchers find you so that you pop up first.

Create Great Content

Google is constantly and continually sorting, classifying, and reclassifying websites. So the best way to get your webpage ranked highly is by continually using the right content to trigger Google. Since you can’t change the static information on your webpage, a blog is a necessary tool to drive traffic to your website. But the content on your blog has to be top notch. Sure, you can write your own blog, but just because you can doesn’t mean you should. A local Charleston SEO professional understands how to use content in a blog to help get your website ranked higher so that your audience can find you. View our blogging packages here.

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Google My Business

If you aren’t fully using tools like Google my Business to drive people to your website and to you, then you are missing out on a huge opportunity to show up in an internet search ahead of others. Local Charleston SEO experts know how to use all the latest tips and tricks in the industry to get your website looked at and ranked highly. Google works very hard to stay ahead of the game and maintain its relevance. And if you aren’t keeping up with Google, you can’t keep your ranking up. That is the main job of an SEO expert, to know what you don’t and to be one step ahead of Google and your competition. Having great reviews on your Google My Business Page will help you get seen too. (Just check out ours for proof!)

Hiring an SEO Professional

Not all SEO professionals are the same. When hiring one, make sure that they have a proven track record of getting their clients to page one and keeping them there. A true professional should not only be able to tell you how they are going to get you ranked higher, they should be able to prove that they can. After all, the proof will be in where you rank and how much traffic they can drive your way, which should translate into your bottom line.

If you aren’t coming up on page one of an internet search, you aren’t being seen.

And if you don’t how to change that, a local Charleston SEO expert does. Their job is to use all the internet tools available to drive traffic not just to your website but to your front door. Fu Dog is a proven expert in the SEO industry, and we know how to get you ahead of your competitors and how to keep you there. Contact us today to discuss where your website ranks now and where you would like it to be in the future. Get a free SEO audit and get started!

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