Our Web Design Process

Our Web Design Process

You may be new to all this and wondering how we take your idea to reality. Learn about our process below or contact us to find out more.

Step 1. The Consult.

A Fu Dog Media consultant will meet with you or schedule a call to ask questions to find out your goals and vision.

We take this time to learn about you, issues you may be having with your current site, and how you envision your new website. Some of these questions may seem a little uncomfortable. We like to get down to the nitty gritty details and find out what our customers are all about, what they like and dislike, and what drives them.

Step 2. The Sitemap.

Once we have all the information we need, we’ll build a quick visual sitemap so we can all get on the same page on the best way to structure the information. This is basically an outline of the pages of your website in an organized format. This will help us tremendously, like a roadmap for your website.


Step 3. The Design.

With the sitemap in hand and all of your site content and images, we’ll get started on the design process. This is where the magic happens. We take all the input we got from our initial consultation and conversations, take your ideas and lists of needs and wants, and turn those ideas into a stunning, mobile responsive website that blows you away.

Step 4. Proofing.

Once we’ve got the design looking like a million bucks, we’ll send you a live copy to look at in your browser. This is where you get to interact with the site, see the flow, and make any adjustments you need before website launch.

Step 5. Launch.

After making your adjustments, it’s time for us to check and make sure everything is working the way it’s supposed to—forms, contacts, click to call, social media links, and any other special features. If it’s an e-commerce site, we’ll test your shopping cart, tax and shipping calculation and the overall functionality of the shopping experience. We’ll also check it on different browsers and mobile devices to make sure things are looking beautiful. Finally, we launch and go live, so you can start dominating.

Step 6. SEO and SMM.

After your site launch, it’s time to drive traffic to your site. We will come up with a customized marketing package with search engine optimization, boosted posts and social media marketing to help get your website in front of your target audience. Complete with analytics, reporting, and measurable results, we help you dominate the Internet.

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