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Pay-Per-Click digital marketing is an effective tool to increase both traffic to your website and your bottom line, but only when you use it effectively.




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A PPC management service has the job of not only overseeing a company’s PPC budget spending but also to ensure that the money being spent is effectively working with the overall marketing strategy to increase your revenue directly.

The goal of a PPC management team is to use your marketing budget in the most targeted way to buy ads that will convert to profits for your company. They help to increase your profits by purchasing and placing the most highly effective ads possible.

What is PPC Management?
Effective PPC management ensures your digital marketing budget spent on PPC ads are making the most impact and revenue possible. Below is an explanation of what you can expect with our PPC management:
Keyword Analysis

Finding and using targeted keywords that help guide organic searches to your site that will end in real-time leads and sales

ROI Monitoring

Ensuring by measuring ROI that the amount that you are paying on an ad is working effectively to warrant continuing


Once keywords are identified and used, it is critical to monitor using qualitative reports to see which are working, and which are not, according to the most used searches

Channel Strategy

Google Adwords, Bing Ads, affiliate networks, and social media paid advertising placements are just some of the many channels that they consider for your overall PPC marketing strategy

Competition Analysis

The only way to stay ahead of the competition is to be both creative and by using an analysis of what works for them and make it work for you. Finding the competitive gap that will benefit you is not an easy task, but a necessary one

Negative Match

The ability to filter those searches that match but have a high improbability of converting to any real sales or leads – eliminating the waste of your ad budget on searches that will not payback

A/B Testing

Continually split testing the most targeted ways to optimize PPC ROI. Deciphering which variable can enhance your ad campaign through the use of things like graphics, texts, and other display modalities

If you are going to spend your money on a digital marketing campaign, it make sense to ensure that your money is going to be put to good use. Buying ineffective ads is tantamount to throwing money and time away.

It is a much more sound business choice to pay an experienced PPC management company to ensure that the ads you are buying are actually working than to try to navigate and optimize ads on your own.

Hire Fu Dog Media to help make your ads impact your bottom line and get the most bang for your marketing bucks.


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