Reasons Your Website Design is so Critical for Your Business


Gone are the days of the yellow pages, and in its place is the internet. 98% of those surveyed said that they use their mobile device to find what they need. And of those, almost all turn to Google to find local services and businesses to contact. If your website is outdated, lackluster, or it doesn’t contain the most effective SEO tools, you are missing out on significant opportunities to drive people not only to it but ultimately, to your business. These statistics prove a powerful point; investing in your website design is one of the best investments you can make to enhance your bottom line!

Web Design Facts for 2019

People Just Don’t Have the Attention Span Anymore – Website Design and First Impression

Instant gratification is what everyone is looking for whether they admit to it or not. If your website isn’t capturing their imagination, there is a good chance that it won’t capture their business. According to statistics:

Mobile Web Design Facts

Since more people are now using their smartphone to research on the internet than ever before, mobile-friendly designs are much more important. Consumers, on average, check their mobile device at least 150 times a day. So if you want to attract them, you have to target them where they live…their mobile devices!

Slightly less than half of all B2B products are researched for using mobile devices

Currently, as many as 91% of all small businesses don’t have a mobile-friendly design, despite the growing demand for it

If a person searches a company and lands on a non-mobile friendly website, they will go back and search for another one

Digital Marketing Website Design Facts

If you are going to spend the money to upgrade to a mobile-friendly design, it doesn’t make much sense if people can’t find you. That is why you need the additional help of a digital marketing campaign to get your newly updated website seen and used.

E-Commerce Facts

The brick and mortar retail shopping experience is nearly a thing of the past. And in its place, is e-commerce. E-commerce allows internet users to shop for what they want when they want. And users can also comparison shop to find the best price. But just like a storefront’s appearance had a significant bearing on how well it impressed consumers and swayed their purchasing decisions, your website is your new storefront and just as important. What does your digital storefront look like?

So What is Your Website Design Doing for you?

Your website is your first, and sometimes your last, way to make an impression with a potential consumer. If you enhance loading speed and make it more attractive, you can significantly increase your bottom line. But only if you use the best SEO tactics to drive people to see your wonderfully designed site. At Fudog Media we understand how important website design is, and also how critical it is to make sure that internet users see your smart website investment. Contact us today to discuss how we can get you on the map and get those contacts driven to buy!

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