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What do you do if viewers have been to your website, but you haven’t been able to convert them from visitors to leads or sales? The process of reaching them again and convincing them to engage is called remarketing. You can always try a new campaign, but that involves a whole lot of time tagging for each campaign you use.

Google Analytics makes creating and editing remarketing lists easy by using variables such as page viewed, on-site activity, goal completions, and location. In doing so, you can then connect the right audience with a targeted and successful message that works.

Why Remarketing is Important

The good news is that you were able to drive traffic to your website. The bad news is that not all who view your page will convert to revenue. When you use remarketing tools, you help to more effectively reach your audience and then convert them to customers. If you can develop the right message; you will do more than have a visitor, you will gain a customer.

What is Remarketing Specifically

When you use a Local Service Ad, it is displayed on top of the Google search when people are searching for plumbing services in the area. Internet or mobile phone users can simply click on your ad and either contact you via phone or through a message link. When someone does reach out, you get both a notification and an email from the Local Services ads app. And then, you can answer the lead directly…it is really that simple.

Remarketing can be Achieved in Many Ways

Once you have identified lists of those you want to reach, you can use many tools such as:

  • Show more targeted ads to remind them about you and entice them to view again
  • Offer promotions according to targeted locations and to better narrow categories based on behaviors
  • Make lists of visitors who put items into their shopping carts but didn’t follow through and encourage them to finish the sale
  • Single out customers who have previously purchased an item and show them an ad for products that accompany their previous purchase

Remarketing is like your second chance to get things right. Instead of continually trying to find new viewers, it makes sense to also retry those who have already purchased, didn’t engage, or didn’t follow through the first time around. At Fu Dog Media, we believe that you should try, try again to convert viewers who are likely to buy if you find the right message. Let us give you the tools to make the sale the second time around.


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