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So you have a nice website design? What’s next?

Complete world domination. Well, that’s what we strive for. Either we’ve built you an awesome website or someone else has and now your website just isn’t getting enough traffic which means you’re missing revenue.
No form requests for work. No phone calls from the site and no emails. That’s a problem. You made an investment in your website and you expect it to pay dividends. That’s where SEO optimization comes in.

SEO Charleston SC

Leading SEO Charleston SC

We are the SEO experts.

Trust us. We’ve seen it time and time again. “I’m not getting enough traffic”, they say. “Business is slow”, they say. Did you have your site optimized? Did you put the work in to get to the top of Google search for your target keywords? Did you invest in your company’s future? We get results. Time and time again, we get company after company to the first page of Google and other search engines. Yours is next.

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When it comes to business, everyone has a focus whether that’s cars, heating and air or some other specialty like law firms, doctors, and chiropractors. A Fu Dog Media consultant will meet with you (either in person or virtually) and go over your goals for SEO. We handle SEO clients nationwide!

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  • 27Keywords Moved into the Top 20 of Google
  • 15Keywords Moved into the Top 10 of Google
  • 5xIncreased Visibility by 5x!
  • 25Keywords Ranked in the Top 10 of Google
  • 11xIncreased online visibility by 11x
  • 20%Increased page views by 20%

Salt Water Cycle

  • 16Keywords move into the top 10 of google
  • 3xTripled overall online visibility
  • 5xSeo helped increase website traffic 5x

SEO Questions Answered

Who is your target audience?

Who are we going after? Who do you want to contact you? Who is your customer?

Where do you do business?

What is your target area for your business? Are you trying to reach locally, nationally, or globally?

What are your target keywords?

If you could be #1 for any keyword what would it be? What other keywords do you want to rank for?

Are you using analytics?

Tracking website statistics is vital to know who is visiting, what they are visiting and where they are from.

Who are your competitors?

We like to know who your top competitors are. It helps to analyze your business from all angles.

What are your goals?

Simple question. Easy answer. At the top of Google. We’ll get you there starting with a free audit report.

What is SEO and do I need it?

SEO is the process of getting you ranked for target keywords and phrases. For an in-depth look at SEO and what we do, click here.


We’re just as excited about growing your business as you are.