SERP Features: How to Interpret Icons in SEMRush SEO Rankings Report

When it comes to SEO ranking and knowing how and where you stand on an organic search, one of the leading sites is SEMRush. Although not brain science, it can be a bit overwhelming to try to figure out what it all means. Recently, the program added a series of icons for its users that are found on the right of the keywords.

These SERP Features icons are strategically placed to provide you with data and information about the results that each keyword yields on a Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Different from a traditional organic result analysis, these new symbols represent a special type of indicator for a keyword. And they are something that you definitely will want to pay attention to and understand.

What is an Organic Search?

When a user types in a search to a search engine, an organic search is an unpaid or “regular" result that appears on a search engine due solely to the relevance of the terms used. An organic search doesn’t result from any type of paid advertising or marketing tactic. SERP Features, therefore, are organic results and paid ones that appear in novel and important ways that you can use to target and drive people to your website.

SEMRush SERP Features and Their Meanings:

    Featured Snippet.

    A click on the Featured Snippet icon will provide you with an answer to a question that is asked within Google. For instance, if you wanted to know what Adwords is, you would click on Adwords and it would guide you to the definition.

    Local Pack.

    The Local Pack icon will give you a specific group of results related to points of interest or businesses located close to where the search was done.


    Some businesses will have the Reviews SERP Feature. The Reviews icon will show you the number of reviews you have and the star rating that is shown beneath your link.

    Site Links.

    The Site Links icon gives you a list of targeted internal links and links to your domain’s main page.

    Featured Video.

    The Featured Video link will appear on the top of your page.


    The Video icon may or may not show at the top of the page, it can be located anywhere.

    Top Stories.

    The Top Stories icon provides keywords that relate to trending news stories. They are composed of news sources around the globe and then condensed to target your viewers’ specific interests.

    People Also Ask.

    The People Always Ask icon is a grid box that expands to provide you with top questions that relate to keywords, and also other related searches.


    The Images icon shows you images that relate to a keyword appearing on an SERP.


    The Tweet icon shows you links from Twitter that are on your SERP.

    Instant Answer.

    When Google has a definitive and clear answer to a question, the icon will give you the answer.

    Knowledge Panel.

    Answers provided by the Google Panel database are highly trusted, the Knowledge Panel provides you with a well-detailed explanation.

    Showcase Shopping Ads.

    Just above your paid search ads, the Showcase Shopping Ads icon gives you any search results for non-branded terms. And it will also provide you with a list of relative products.

    Adwords Top.

    The Adwords Top icon tells you what Adwords Ads have been bought related to a keyword. And it will appear at the bottom just below the organic results of the SERP.

    Bear in mind, however, that if you do see a SERP Feature icon that is located next to a keyword, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it already appears on SERPs as you are currently using it. An SEMRush Feature icon merely indicates that a keyword appears in a current form anywhere on the internet.

    The key is to use the information provided to find new and innovative ways to gain exposure online. If you are having a difficult time deciphering and understanding the wealth of information that you can pull from SERP Features, Fu Dog Media is here to help. We want to make sure that you get the most exposure you can by using all the tools at your disposal. Contact us today!

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