Take care of your WordPress site, or get hacked!

Top Reasons Why You Need A WordPress Care Plan

WordPress is one of the most popular content content management systems in the world, boasting over 74,650,000 sites.

The WordPress Advantage and Issues

While WordPress is a very user-friendly site, it does require regular upkeep and maintenance. WordPress websites, including blogs, business sites, and e-commerce sites, run the risk of security issues, lost data and even having malware become an issue.

The way to avoid these issues is to use a WordPress care plan. These plans, which come in a variety of different options for various types of sites, will provide security and protection by:

  • Site back-up – in the event of a site crashing or a corruption of a file, having a backup in place means that there is no need to recreate the content, just simply reinstall from the latest backup version
  • Security patches installed – vulnerabilities in the platform are constantly exposed by hackers, just as with any online platform. With a WordPress care plan, security updates are automatically installed, preventing this issue.
  • Update plugins – outdated plugins can slow down the website performance or even cause error messages for your users. By using the plan, all plugins operating on the site will be fully up to date.
  • Monitor uptime – knowing if your site is up and also addressing the reasons why it may be down will be essential, particularly for businesses and e-commerce sites.
  • Fresh content – with any type of site, having fresh content is important to not only keep users coming back but also to help with SEO rankings and positions on search results.

How to get a WordPress Care Plan

WordPress care plans allow you to focus on your business, blog or e-commerce site without having to spend hours on maintenance. Full updates of WordPress versions will also be provided, making this a great investment in your online presence. Sign up now for a plan at https://fudogmedia.net/wordpress-maintenance-packages/.

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