YouTube’s Growing Impact as an Awareness & Remarketing Channel – Are You Taking Advantage?

Digital marketing has completely overhauled the way that businesses market their products and services. Just a decade ago, Facebook was the hottest new forum for people to build their brand and gain the best exposure for marketing and remarketing. As we enter 2022, however, YouTube is quickly gaining as the best network to tout your company. It is currently the second-largest social network on the internet, with over one billion hours of video watched daily by over two billion online viewers.

According to statistics, 90% of internet users find new brands and products via YouTube, which is why businesses need to consider using it in their marketing campaign strategy. 62% of companies already report using it to post videos containing relevant content to further their brand identity and familiarity.

Are you using YouTube to post your organic content? If not, you are missing out on an excellent way to engage YouTube users to increase your sales. To really gain the most benefit, you can combine your posting capabilities with the power of YouTube ads. Then, you can use retargeted ads to generate the highest rate of return for your marketing dollar.

YouTube’s Impact on Retargeting Success

When a viewer watches your organic YouTube videos, you can retarget them by creating a specialized audience classification that includes those who have already viewed your material. Retargeting is also a practice that you can implement on both Facebook and Instagram, but YouTube presents a better quality audience.

On Facebook, viewers who stick it out for just three seconds are added to your retargeted efforts, while YouTube sections out only those who watch the entire video or up to a maximum video length of 30 seconds. That means you can section out only those who were interested enough to watch more than just a blip.

In reverse, that can limit the number of people that you retarget to include only those who watched your entire video as a custom audience. Facebook also gives you options to add those who watch a percentage of the total length of the video, while YouTube does not.

The Advantages of YouTube

The advantages of YouTube, however, are that it gives you several targeting options to fine-tune your marketing campaign, such as only choosing those who view a video on your channel specifically.

YouTube also allows you to target viewers according to any ad view or a specialized parameter. The best way to make sense of the views is to section out those who watched a specific video; that way, you can use targeted advertising that contains relevant offers according to the content contained in the video that interested them.

For the best results, you can post some organic videos promoting engaging, entertaining, or educational content that relates to your products or services. Once they run for a while, you can selectively choose only those that performed the highest according to the most views, comments, and likes, and use that information in your ad campaign strategy.

The result is a targeted way to retarget those viewers with precise ads that will lead to higher conversion rates. You can also use the data that you gather by quantifying engagements and views to better fine-tune your ads for higher ROAS.

If it sounds complex, it really isn’t. Creating engaging video ads and organic videos is easier than ever, but the key is to make them high-quality and professionally stunning, which is why Fu Dog Media is here!

Video Engagement and Retarget Channel

Other types of interactions besides views can be quantified on YouTube for remarketing purposes. Interactions you can also include are viewers who add your video to a specific playlist, share your video on your channel, like a video and leave a comment, visit the homepage channel, or subscribe to a specific channel.

Including numerous types of interactions like sharing, commenting, or liking can better pinpoint a broader range of consumers to retarget. Only those viewers who took the time to read the content will take the steps to interact in those three ways.

Since you know their behaviors ahead of time, you can retarget them using educational video content with a CTA asking them to become subscribers. Although a subscription does not automatically mean that you will make a sale, it is a much easier process than launching a product promotion or asking them to sign up via email. Once they subscribe, you can continue to provide free information related to your product using avenues like in-feed posts, videos, and stories.

Subscribers via Email

YouTube ads also allow you to target your viewers via email subscriptions. Unfortunately, unlike Facebook, there is no integration service between email and YouTube, so you’ll need to input the information manually, which can be time-consuming. Email marketing service providers typically allow you to download a spreadsheet of subscribers, which means that you can use Google Ads. And if you are already using Google Ads, you can target your YouTube subscribers in the same manner.

Classify your varying audiences by factors like those who purchased already, those who have repeat purchases, and those who have signed up but have not followed through, just yet to keep things straight. That will help you better target your ads for higher ROAS numbers.

Mobile App Users and Website Visitors

By adding Ads to your mobile app and website, it is possible to successfully retarget those viewers who use your app or visit your webpage. That will also allow you to create targeted ads according to where the viewer visited, like blog posts or various pages. In doing so, if someone puts an item in the cart, but does not follow through, you can go back and retarget them by adding an incentive, like a promotional price, for them to purchase later on.

Four Tips For Successful Remarketing

Hopefully, you now understand the power of YouTube marketing and why you should add it to your overall digital marketing campaign. Try using these four tips to get the most out of your efforts!

1. Don’t Over-Retarget!

Remarketing takes a fine balance for it to be successful. If you overdo it, you will likely end up paying more on YouTube than need be or irritating your viewer. Setting the best frequency for viewers will gain you the highest ROAS. Begin by using three daily impressions for thirty days, and then reduce the number of days as you see fit. The number of times you should repeat your impressions will depend upon the product you are selling. Some will require more than others.

2. Create Both In-Display and In-Stream Ads

For YouTube videos, you have the option of both in-display and in-stream ads. In-display ads will appear at the top and right of the video. Or, you can overlay an ad so that it will display directly in the video itself.

3. Use Skippable Ads to Begin With

YouTube gives you the option of not being able to skip your ad, but when you are just beginning, it is wise to allow viewers to skip. By giving them the option, you can better estimate which videos are engaging and which are not according to the percentage of viewers choosing to watch.

Once you have a high percentage of those who choose to stay instead of skipping, you can be more assured that you are engaging the audience in a positive way that will lead to results. After you have pinpointed exactly what your audience is likely to want, you can run ads that do not give allowance to skips. Just be aware that they are more costly than the skippable ones.

4. Chart View Percentages

YouTube allows you to set percentage parameters according to benchmarks such as 25, 50, 75 percent, or the entire video. By sectioning out the videos with the highest percentages of views, you are more likely to increase your conversion rates for better sales.

Which YouTube Remarketing Scheme is Best For You?

For the best ROAS, these are the different ways that you can use remarketing tactics. The right one for you depends on whether you want to increase your views and subscriptions or generate higher sales. Those who want to take their internet marketing and remarketing to a whole new level can integrate their YouTube marketing with Google Ads, thereby retargeting people who are already engaged with you via Google Ads and vice-versa.

YouTube is quickly becoming the best forum for remarketing purposes to increase overall sales and social media engagement. And since people are spending more time than ever before watching it, it is an excellent idea to add it to your digital marketing and remarketing campaign.

It is still an inexpensive forum to gain exposure and build your brand. The key, however, is to have videos that are both professional-looking and engaging. Let Fu Dog Media help you with your digital marketing both producing high-quality videos and then getting them in front of the right audience to convert viewers to customers today!

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